Q&A: can we keep a kitten after the 8-12 weeks weaning period?

Question by : can we keep a kitten after the 8-12 weeks weaning period?
my cat has just had 3 kittens, we are going to give away 2 of the kittens after 8-12 weeks. is it ok to keep one of the kittens with mum as we want to keep one of the kittens
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Answer by Ocimom
Sure, just be sure that mom is spayed when they are 8 weeks old and the kitten you are keeping is spayed/neutered by 3-4 months old.

If you can, keep them closer to the 12 weeks – they will be much better pets in the new home rather then let them go before 10 weeks old.

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  1. Holly R says:

    Of course it is. They may remain close after the weaning period but don’t expect it. Cats don’t really remember their mothers or siblings after they are grown, so if they are close to each other it will be as friends. But it doesn’t hurt anything to keep the kitten. The mother won’t attack it like she might a strange cat, and the kitten will gradually grow independent. Good luck with your little ones.

  2. ? says:

    If you’re able to keep it then it’s fine, but you want to make sure that you get them both fixed. Unspayed females have a tendency to not get along in the same house. I have mom (6yrs old), dad(7 yrs old) and one of their kittens(4 yrs old), and they all get along, but they are all fixed now too.

  3. NessKittensCarylon says:

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