Puss in boots and Kitty Softpaws love clip [this world]

Clip about Puss in boots and Kitty Softpaws. Song: FANATIKA – Этот мир Also you can hear this song here: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a video of one of our baby kittens, a grey one. He’s about 3 weeks old, eyes and ears just opened up. You can see that he can walk albeit just barely. He’s very wobbly indeed. I was glad I caught his meows though! Do you like videogames? Check out my website www.watchusplaygames.com.

51 Responses to “Puss in boots and Kitty Softpaws love clip [this world]”

  1. crud24 says:

    1:10 those eyes get me all the time so cute. my cat does that all the time.

  2. LyricsMonkey192 says:

    And you guys though Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were cute……

    Kitty and Puss win by 3000000000000000000 points!

  3. axel159610 says:

    great video well made i love it

  4. axel159610 says:

    did they kiss in the movie?

  5. tyman6708 says:

    Kitty is pritty. :D 

  6. Backuplaynefriendly1 says:

    I lovew this movie :)

  7. chipwreckedfan25 says:

    i just watched this movie last night X3 and i thought i was literally going to faint like crazy over this last minust scene WHICH WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *beeping* SEXY but instead i was more less speechless and so outta words that all i wanted to scream is “KITTY I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOU <33333333333333333″ at the top of my lungs.

  8. judgedwyer says:


  9. BrotherTree1 says:

    Couple of the century :)

  10. keitaleila says:

    @Neener9ner that part really is cute

  11. Jazzzyy12 says:

    in puss in boots there was clouds and their voices were like chipmunks voices

  12. melissa88887 says:

    O o

  13. Sataandagi96 says:

    *Heart stops beating* OMG *-* 1:11
    I thought I die!

  14. cDC1457 says:

    it also was a great movie with a romantic ending

  15. 1998julieta says:

    mencanta el gato con botas! :)

  16. sims3kaitlynmusic says:

    i did not see that coming but that was funny and the video was soo cute

  17. Neener9ner says:

    at the end OH!

  18. Neener9ner says:

    1:11 BEST!

  19. Howlingwildwolf says:

    OMG this so cute!!!! Where did you get the clips?

  20. catlovers004 says:

    i think it is off the hook its great

  21. xXCrossArrowXx says:

    AWS! at 1:09 cutest thing ever!

  22. BananiSunny says:

    @MsKitti3 Thank you very much ;) 

  23. MsKitti3 says:

    OMG!!! This Video is really really great!!

  24. plumplum67 says:


  25. Haevenn says:

    awww what a lil pumpkin ;)

  26. johnnyboc11 says:

    awwwwwwwww——VIRGO1999181 WTF?!

  27. virgo1999181 says:

    i am sooo gonna eat your kitten!!

  28. misscray1 says:

    All together “Tubers” 1…2…3…AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  29. Eleetnessful says:


  30. Numaness says:

    Awww so cute!!!

  31. liranxs says:


  32. msturtlelover13 says:

    awww soo cute!!

  33. Venusstar22 says:

    @colls619 a “car” that just had kittens?….WOW that must have been some special “car”….lol….just teasing…i knew you meant to type cat and it was just a typo….lol…but it was funny reading your comment with the word car instead of cat though :-)

  34. IloveyouLenaKatina says:

    Was he still with his mom? I think he still needed her! (I realize this is over 4 years ago. :P )

  35. JamAve123 says:

    5/5 so cute my cat is just like that.we was just born march 1 so cute he is little and grey to can barely walk and eyes and ears just opened up!!!

  36. colls619 says:

    This brings back memories of when I rescued a car that just had her kittens…they were the sweetest little things I have ever seen.(:

  37. MegaMouseSEC says:

    “FINISH HIM” kitty cutness attack launched. Warning cute kittens need to be taken in moderation or an evil case of aww will ensue.

  38. monsterhoss says:

    @soldiergirl84 Same here. We have a grey cat named Smokey too. Only it’s a girl, but that’s how she looked when she was little.

  39. soldiergirl84 says:

    Looks like our Smokey when he was a baby.

  40. moonprincess500 says:


  41. MWextasyWM says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! I can’t STAND the cuteness! >.<

  42. deividas56 says:

    This was so cute that 76 got confused and though that dislike means “dis i like”

  43. Pawecio10 says:

    He’s so cute

  44. nano69ify says:


  45. FreeflameFF says:

    he said Hi!

  46. tlcacchise says:

    What type of kitten is he/she? I have kitten that looks just like her, but I don’t know what he is categorized as.

  47. RoyalSatanas says:

    @wauquelin I fully agree.

  48. Schliengen says:


  49. CatsBabyHaniya says:

    Perhaps the kitty isn’t shooting for the place every one of us consider and it is rather focusing on some time below, out of chance. Come on, man that’s an extraordinary fall short for the cat

  50. Joy2095 says:

    So when you want to stay on your own, cats are wonderful at this, also

  51. SellKittensChisch says:

    I am unable to hold out to test out the spray jar! ponder if they is acceptable on puppies…

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