problems litter box training my kitten?

Question by Lucky: problems litter box training my kitten?
i have 3 cats. 1 2yr old female, 1 2yr old male, and now a male kitten i have had for 3 months. the kitten is around 4 months old. the two older cats use the litter box and i have never had a problem with them going in the house. i am having a hard time training the kitten. i have two litter boxes in the basement that we change litter and all every other day. they are spaced apart in two different sides of our laundry room. the kitten will use the litterbox. sometimes he will follow me downstairs and when im throwing in laundry or something, he will use them right in front of me. but he will also poop on the floor upstairs? he will go in our bedroom. but i think that’s cause he will come and sleep with us and get locked in the room and cant get out to use the litter box. i understand that’s our fault. but he will also go in the dining room? same area of the dining room almost every day or every other day? how can i get him to stop this? what can i get to clean the carpet to get the smell out? i have shampooed the carpet. i have laid down all kinds of deodorizers and tried all kinds of sprays. i thought if i could get the smell out of the carpet it would get him to stop? any ideas on what i can do?
i know 3 cats is alot lol.. but i had to get another male cat to play with the older male cat. if the older male cats doesn’t have a playmate, he will pick on the female. the female is the head of the household and doesn’t play well with others lol..

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Answer by Kelle
A kitten needs to have the box close. The basement is no good. Some cats also want their OWN box.

Once the smell is there you’re stuck.

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  1. chickenlady says:

    Feliway is really good – spray this where the kitten has been peeing and he won’t pee there again.

    Some of his problem may be that he’s stressed, especially if he gets stuck in one room away from his litterbox. As he’s very young I’d be inclined to put another litterbox somewhere upstairs that he can use. Maybe a covered box might also help – cats like to feel safe when they’re using the litterbox.

    When you’re cleaning the carpet try to use cleaning products that contain citrus rather than bleach – bleach smells of ammonia and therefore, pee. Citrus smells cats tend to dislike so he should stay away rather than associate the patch with the smell of pee and keep going there.

    Good luck!

  2. Erin R says:

    Try a litter box in more areas around the house.It has to be close enough to whereever your kitten is at the time otherwise he wont make it to the litter box

  3. sheena_comel says:

    Well, you need it in a toilet… or…. you use catnip and put in the litterbox.. i’m pretty sure that you’re cat will go crazy with your litter box.

  4. lynnejan says:

    Rid the areas of odor by covering with baking soda, rub into area, cover to protect from cat, leave a few days, vacuum up, repeat if necessary. It will eventually absorb the odor.

    Your kitten is going everywhere except the box because the kitten can’t find the box. You need to get a new box and place the kitten into the new box(It should really be upstairs)the kitten will then learn where his box is and should start using it. It is very possible that the older cats will not allow the kitten to use the existing boxes when you are not looking. The kitten needs his own box upstairs because he may not be able to get to the boxes in the basement in time.

    Cats/kittens do not like the smell citrus, especially orange and lemon. Place a couple of slices on a small saucer and put over soiled areas. This should work

  5. littlebit says:

    It may feel scared going in the basement. My mother has a cat that will not go downstairs, if you carry her down there she will run back upstairs. One thing I had to do was clean, clean, clean the litter box out. I have two almost two year old cats and four fourteen month old kittens and the kittens think they cannot use the litter box if there is anything in it so i’m constantly cleaning in out.

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