Private Lives – Illegal Concert Party in Tesco supermarket

illegal Guerilla Party in a Tesco supermarket 27th February 2010 at 10PM in Dalston/London, very short but sweet. Of course the cops came after a few minutes with a riot van and three cars. But… is it butter?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Private Lives – Illegal Concert Party in Tesco supermarket”

  1. Appleblossomful says:

    we need more of these gigs – so much fun x

  2. zivkovicable says:

    call me ocd, but look at the state of your audio leads. You lost valuable performance time untangling that mess. That kind of slovenly attitude will never get you a record deal, or bring down capitalism!

  3. amcellroy says:


  4. uliblanchet says:

    The band is called Private Lives, check em out on myspace

  5. hazelbeanyeah says:

    Is it… Is it butter?

  6. kVarnishd says:

    who’s the guy doing the music/band name??

  7. suckmeoffsophie says:

    bunch of cunts

  8. HardTekBen says:


  9. RedPillLondon says:

    Love this video. Would love to Guerilla Disco with you guys!

  10. WeAreChangeGlasgow says:

    That was awesome, please do more! This could really take off as an urban sport!

    Thumbs up for more!

  11. WeAreChangeGlasgow says:

    That was awesome, please do more, this could really take off as an urban sport!

  12. Pylletaker says:

    hahahahaha awesome gig,

  13. teknoteknoteknotekno says:

    “we’ll go if you want us to!”…cant stop playing this, great idea! who’s the girl with the mic…HOT

  14. ladyaga1000 says:

    haha brilliant!, totally love it!

  15. HowTheGardenGrows says:

    You gay hoxton fuckers, so cringeworthy to watch

    “Down down with the tesco town”

    I hate you all, especially you with the polaroid camera!

  16. usermarkmonkeyboy says:

    is it… is it butter… baking? no

  17. DanielDiggle says:

    Brilliant ! so how do we get the lowdown on the Primark hit? is it an event FB ? link link link!

  18. cveitch says:


  19. fallenkingdan says:

    @wasssuppp08 - Why?

  20. spencerholtaway says:

    If this was a “oops, wrong superstore” joke, it would have been kind of funny.

  21. ciberlucia says:


  22. teknoteknoteknotekno says:



  23. privatelivesmusic says:

    we did it on a train 1st (search: dlr mov)

    next up is Primark!

    xx privatelives

  24. CatscarbVera1054 says:

    our kitty Reba ran aside

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