PRETTY KITTY – my 2 week old kitten

My little kitty!!! This is my kitten (meglic). He is 2 weeks old. He has 2 little black cat sisters.

26 Responses to “PRETTY KITTY – my 2 week old kitten”

  1. Snickerskitty7 says:

    This kitten is very lucky there are kittens out there on the street who are adorable and struggling for survival type in ugly the cat and watch that video I wonder how many of you will cry

  2. lakings13 says:

    Gorgeous! looks like a baby cheetah!

  3. srbkid5 says:




  4. purplrosette says:

    @The1Emaan I think it’s maybe the two thick black stripes on its head!! lol! My friend’s kitten has them too!!! x

  5. purplrosette says:

    Wow he looks just like the kitty I might be having from my friend’s cat!!! :-) ))
    What does he look like now!?? :-) x

  6. kanadetsuki4869 says:

    beautiful eyes:)

  7. pearsonalyssah says:

    i would kill my self for that cute kitty

  8. 0nem0retlme says:

    Kittens are born with their ears folded over, they take a few weeks to stand up.

  9. steff2001 says:

    he’s not sick just very young probably just opened it’s eyes.

  10. ViolentKisses87 says:

    Its soo Fuzzy!!!!!!

  11. ampelogardenboy says:

    He is so cute . I can’t believe that some people hate and kill animals .

  12. Janice11353 says:

    Sleepy Baby…

  13. mahnoor13able says:


  14. terrys394 says:

    Looks sickly

  15. MrDavy78 says:

    Looks like a baby tiger.

  16. FiReMaStEr1620 says:

    17 peps dont like kittens becuase they know the kittens r cuter than them

  17. RoyalSatanas says:

    Looks like it to me.

  18. blindguardian805 says:

    thats looks like the most chillin cat ever!

  19. Goathouse says:

    Tabby :3

  20. xSommermaedchenx says:

    oh my gooood, sweet. *-*
    and so beautiful eyes.

  21. RONGTAY says:

    she’s/he’s sooo cute! <3

  22. RONGTAY says:

    i know right?

  23. 01fey says:

    Soulful eyes. What a beautiful little simba!

  24. EarthtoStephanie says:


  25. MiaFliaa says:

    Aw its so cute!!!

  26. CatsGlimmerDenae says:

    I am hugely sensitized in order to kittens and cats and dog saliva. Within a few moments connected with exposure to a cat dwelling, I begin breaking in hives, my personal eyes swell shut and my personal tonsils finalizes.

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