P!nk – Get The Party Started

Music video by P!nk performing Get The Party Started. (C) 2001 Arista Records, Inc.

25 Responses to “P!nk – Get The Party Started”

  1. PiGMEATiNVASION says:

    This deffinetly reminds me of I Feel Sick (Jhonen Vasquez). P!nk as Devi and friend as Tenna. And what doesn’t complete it better than the stuck-up girls u see at the bar?
    A hint of Jhonen V insperation; coincedence?
    Maybe…. l:)

  2. Breanna Gilland says:

    Love this song I used to listen to it when I was like 6

  3. HoTLink2006155 says:

    My very first pink song

  4. ThePinkflower80 says:

    I LOVE Pink and I love this song! I saw her in concert. She’s amazing. :)

  5. luvpoison1 says:

    i like this song it is awesome

  6. Alex19al says:

    i feel like im watching a wnba promo commerical

  7. 2cat007 says:

    Pink is awesome!! 

  8. ziggybigguns says:

    why did she brush her boobs off after falling on the skateboard? lol

  9. idntfeeltohaveone says:

    your fucking cool shit!!

  10. TaskForceHorse says:

    needs ponies

  11. NehaLuvsRain says:

    Are yu meant needs

  12. NehaLuvsRain says:

    Yu mean thats ‘-’

  13. DennisHarcourt says:

    she hott be she need bigger tits

  14. ImPhizzee says:

    Whatt ? :S

  15. hishamabdo says:

    u know why bcz fuck u nicki that why

  16. lpslover367 says:

    O rember dancing to this when i was 5. Oh the good old days.

  17. ywq01100 says:

    she gave me the biggest wood way back when…thumbs up if you feel guilty

  18. NyxZofieCrimson says:

    Oh my, where do I start…..? “I don’t know, you, and (times 3), I (times 3) , will, Nicki Minaj (times 2).” And if you decide to say something back to me, please use proper grammar. Thank you.

  19. BuyTheWorld2Nite says:

    lol i love the old 2000s, Pink

  20. Nerdicaful says:

    Pink…Pull yo pants up, yo whitey tighties are all over the place.

  21. CraftsUnleashed says:

    1:06 – when She’s is in the car and skateboarding she looks like the girl from “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”….. Its so creepy!!!!

  22. BuyTheWorld2Nite says:


  23. OneMoreThanTen says:

    On that Grammar Nazi side of YouTube again

  24. embrace1another says:

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  25. koolio21able says:

    you will also get replies from people that cant read your comment due to your shit grammar

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