pit bull puppies for sale 2010-2011 sold

zeus 85 lbs ukc pr blue he needs a bath in the vid to get some of that ga red clay out of his coat he was 00 his dad was 90 lbs with NOTORIOUS JUAN GOTTI gotti line on the scrol kane 65 lbs ckc red /brindle she had a pup from her last litter to reach 90 lbs form a diffrent stud great deal for these pups 0 to 0 depending on colors im letting them go cheap only to good homes and because i have no time to hold them after 8 weeks the will go fast so reserve yours now we can check on shiping cost when your ready to buy

27 Responses to “pit bull puppies for sale 2010-2011 sold”

  1. lee002ish says:

    am bullies not apbt nice try

  2. 18389th says:

    Real pitz fuck bull dog bullies

  3. josh87745 says:

    lol the dad looks funny

  4. HedgieDiva says:

    They aren’t bred to be heavy’ true apbt is 20 to 55 pounds. MAX weight. ADBA

  5. sunriseent says:

    purple ribbion goes back 6 years on the male so…. can you call ukc for me and tell them that you know mor than they do and also ask them why your is soo small

  6. HedgieDiva says:

    These are american bullies not apbt sorry man.

  7. HedgieDiva says:

    Nice american bullies.

  8. Pluggzz912 says:

    When will be the next time that you gonna have puppies?

  9. HedgieDiva says:

    My female doesn’t guard that’s for sure, at least not from people but she ties to protect me from dogs that get to close and is protective like that. No pitbull should guard, they were bred for handling and any dog that bit a man was culled. No pitbull is 90 pounds unless its american bully crossed.

  10. Mslittlejoeyy says:

    backyard breeder breeding mutts as usual. An american bully and a pitbull.

  11. malcolm7010 says:

    Do u got some mo pups man n where r u from

  12. HedgieDiva says:

    I got my gamebred fixed hopeing to calm her down. didn’t work LOL ;)

  13. sorryunlucky says:

    Oh. Has the male had that thing where the ears look more evil?

  14. sunriseent says:

    well the bitch was prego in this vid so they were more saggy than normal now 10 mts later not as much not bad at all

  15. sorryunlucky says:

    My bad, I was quick to judge as I hadn’t seen your profile. My bad you have some nice dogs. Just wish they weren’t banned in the UK. :-( Do you have any videos of the bitch you breed? I heard after they have pups and they’ve been put onto dog food the bitches tits go back to normal (and not saggy)?

  16. sunriseent says:

    number 1 the puppies are sold so im not trying to sell anything. number 2 females are better gard dogs have you ever owned a apbt? i have had them for 15 + years and have found the males to be wayy better at gaurding than females. just my experience.

  17. sorryunlucky says:

    Yes it makes them less aggressive. And if you’re after a dog for guarding go for a bitch. As they’re more protective than males – males are just territorial where’s females will be protecting the owners.

    You made a big mistake. NEVER ask a breeder questions as they bullshit to sell you a dog.

  18. MsBrooklynLuv says:

    OMG Their beautiful I got a American red nose pit. If u want to see him go to my channel.

  19. iGrooveable says:

    How beautiful are those Parents?!
    Daddy’s got a shiny coat <3.

  20. LenJessica says:

    the dad is beautiful

  21. sunriseent says:

    no hes not nuderd hence the video idk on the studdies on that ive never had aggresion with mine if they are raised right you shouldnt have a problem unless they are around a hot female and other males

  22. rkon1000 says:

    hey did you nuder your male dog? and does it help any to cut down aggresion?

  23. chavirasdogsupplies says:

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  24. TheStonerchick90 says:

    these are amazings dogs. Adorable. and the gray one with red will make beautiful dogs.

  25. kidsuspect23 says:

    your dogs are amazing great video bro keep up the good work:)

  26. Zqt1677Cats says:

    The good news, you won’t getaway around ones pet in the dark

  27. Ubayd2078 says:

    Funny achievable song “pussy cat”. The cat obtained scared? if the machine started fill up after the item pumped your water. My personal kitten Baby Beauty is another “washing unit pet watcher”

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