Pet of the Week: Dusty, 8297823

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Pet of the Week: Dusty, 8297823
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Image by LollypopFarm
Dusty is a 9-year-old female cat who was brought to Lollypop Farm because someone in the family was allergic. She had lived with that family since she was a kitten.

Dusty is a very friendly cat! She likes being petted and loves to be around her people.

Dusty has lived with cats and children before and got along with everyone.

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No Longer Available
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Image by DDFic
UPDATE: Callie is being adopted by a lovely lady who works with rescues. You can see her posts in the comments. I can’t wait for Callie to go to her forever home!

This gorgeous girl is not a purebred. She was adopted from a litter that came from a purebred, though (I believe). She is incredibly social and chatty, likes to share your food. She’s indoor/outdoor. She has not been spayed; she had a litter on 29 Aug, the ones you will find on this site. I estimate she’s approaching 3 years old, by my best guess. I remember her as a kitten when we planted a garden at Gale’s farm in May of 2009.

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