Peoria – Fifi (Just Found) Drinking Milk (1974)

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Peoria – Fifi (Just Found) Drinking Milk (1974)
kitten wars

Image by roger4336
Fifi, a stray cat which Eileen had just found, is drinking milk from a small dish in our driveway. I put the lens cap of my camera in the photo to give an indication of size.

Saturday morning, June 15, 1974. I took Eileen to an outdoor produce stand on War Memorial Drive in Peoria, Illinois. I continued a few blocks to Super Liquors to buy beer, then returned to pick Eileen up, across the street from the produce stand.

Eileen was holding something small and gray in our hands. It was a stray kitten, which she had found in the grass. We took it home and gave it some milk, which she drank eagerly. She was very hungry.

Eileen named her Fifi. I called her "Kitty Litter," probably as a defensive reaction to the possibility that she would not survive. We took her to the veterinarian on Monday, and he was not optimistic. It was several days before her survival was assured.

I have geotagged this photo with the place where Eileen found Fifi, not with the driveway of our home.

I don’t know about the produce stand, but Super Liquors still exists. How often do you hear about a liquor store going out of business, particularly with a state like Illinois, with a restricted number of licenses?

St Paul’s Cathedral
kitten wars

Image by wirewiping
Seen from Watling Street – not the usual viewpoint. The tower in the foreground is that of St Augustine with St Faith, which was destroyed in the Second World War with only the tower surviving – it is now incorporated into St Paul’s Cathedral Choir School.

In September 1940 a cat named Faith, who was originally a stray, lived in the Rectory. Three days before it was destroyed by a bomb she moved herself and her kitten to the basement. After the flames had died down she and her kitten were found safe and well. The PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) gave her an official honour for her devotion to her kitten and her uncanny awareness of what was about to happen.

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