Party make up in a jiff :)

Items used: Stila eyeshadow – kitten benefit -brows a-go-go revlon photo ready bare escentuals smokey V double ended brush almay intense i-color – #033 unknown palette – champagne colour gosh bronzing beads elf complexion brush MAC 213 brush maybelline falsies mascara mini benefit eyeliner (from brows a-go-go palette) generic – concealer brush
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 Responses to “Party make up in a jiff :)”

  1. MusicLoves36 says:

    @123acota Nope! Don’t worry, I mean if I suppose if you used cheap products, but fill in with Mac eyeshadow or pencil it’ll be fine.

  2. 123acota says:

    I have always been scared to wear makeup on my brows, but Ive always wanted to try, but does it wear off throughout the day or ever smear onto the rest of your face?

  3. keashy1089 says:

    whats your sisters youtube account:) 

  4. atapper1234 says:

    Just so you know forr your next video your eye brows dont match.. :) sorryy

  5. watermelonbebe1 says:

    thank you soo much!!!! xoxoo :)

  6. MzMaryBoop says:

    You and your sister look so much alike. You’re both gorgeous!! Love love love the makeup!!!
    Mary from Sydney, Australia!

  7. watermelonbebe1 says:

    thank you :D .. i’m soo bad with computers and stuff hehe!!! wow you are so nice!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!! xoxo

  8. watermelonbebe1 says:

    thank you so much! wow that is awesome of you to say!! my next video will be on sometime after weds!!! xoxo

  9. watermelonbebe1 says:

    hehe i didnt know i had one!!! thank you!!

  10. watermelonbebe1 says:

    thank you! keep posted for my next video!!!!

  11. watermelonbebe1 says:

    wow really? i actually thought like i looked like a ball of death! thank you!!!!! xoxo

  12. watermelonbebe1 says:

    thank you!!!!!!!! xoxo

  13. watermelonbebe1 says:

    thank you so much!!! xoxox

  14. watermelonbebe1 says:

    thank you so much!! i will have a tutorial after finals this week!!! xoxo keep posted

  15. watermelonbebe1 says:

    thank you so much!! i will try :P .. wooo i am soo excited! keep posted for my next video!

  16. CuteBrainiacGirl says:

    your nails are so cute! and omg you have the exact same accent as your sister…

    she mentioned you weren’t great with technology(i’m not either) so it’s amazing that you were able to edit this together! great job :)

    and i agree with the other commenters.. you do look ridiculously beautiful without makeup.

  17. 1TLA7 says:

    yur videos are going to be fucking fenonmenal . i am so excited. i love u and Kristi Anne. i look so good without make up on girl. im kinda jel!

  18. fancythathat says:

    I love your accent

  19. TalkingAndStuff says:

    *as well as with :P 

  20. TalkingAndStuff says:

    and I agree about you being stunning without makeup!

  21. TalkingAndStuff says:

    awesome video girl! :D  <3

  22. lovebug888 says:

    omg you and ur sister both look absolutely stunning without makeup!

  23. AngelEllie09 says:

    Hellooo(: You look so much like your sister! (: Great video! Suscribed xD xx

  24. MakeupByClaudia08 says:

    u look stunning doll, great first vid def better than my first lol but ur hair and makeup looks beautiful!

  25. CherryLynne90 says:

    Wow you are so beautiful…Just as gorgeous as your sister!
    I think the lighting is ok. I love the tutorial :)
    Pleeeease keep doing tutorials! <3

  26. Babixz293Cats says:

    Click Seven pertaining to epic Slowmotion

  27. C4t5WorldLanell says:

    my own cat Jaffa currently uses my personal mattress to be a damaging publish

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