Just a compilation of random, funny scenes from Kate’s daily vlogs nr. 201 (May 16th, 2011) to 235 (June 19th, 2011). They appear in the order they were filmed, starting with vlog nr. 201 (with the exception of the very first scene). ALL PARTS: bit.ly katers17vlogs.com GO SUBSCRIBE TO: Kate’s vlog channel: youtube.com Kate’s main channel: youtube.com Cory’s vlog channel: youtube.com ALL KATERS17 VLOGS: katers17vlogs.com (No copyright infringement intended.)


  1. iBug says:

    Yeah, Craig is cool :-)
    And thanks a lot !

  2. tillybeanable says:

    OMG WHEEZY WAITER!!!!! Sorry, this is just such a neat compilation lol

  3. tillybeanable says:

    OMG HAHA @4:33 ! I remember warp hahaha Aww, I miss warp!

  4. iBug says:

    Day 229 – CRAZY WOMAN!! (June 13th, 2011)

  5. xXFireCrystalWolfXx says:

    what is 12:00 from? vlogs and whatever else it was in?

  6. FlamingCows13 says:

    111111111111111111111111111 and 3333333333333333333333333333333

  7. iBug says:

    Day 209 “BRAIN IMPLOSION!!” from May 24th, 2011.

  8. mrtrainboy019 says:

    3:10 which vlog is the train? corys and kates

  9. iBug says:

    Thanks for your comment and for watching !
    I totally agree, when she burps at 6:42 during talking – that’s one of my personal top 5 moments of all videos of this series so far.

  10. HannahIsLaame says:

    My favorite parts are:
    3:55 “You have sand in your vagiiina”
    6:42 where she burps in the middle of speaking (I nearly peed myself xD)
    8:56 “Holy fudging cow crap DAMN”
    Lmao, nice video :D

  11. da1ved says:

    Excellent videos! 8)
    Looking forward to part 9.

  12. iBug says:

    Well thank you very much !
    But this series wouldn’t exist without the awesome Kate and her friends.
    I’m just putting small bits of her vlogs together. It isn’t that difficult, but it takes quite some time …

  13. TheSupershooter says:

    these vids are serious win

  14. shadedsoulhorse says:

    wud NEVER dislike a vid with corey & kate in it coz they RULE!

  15. iBug says:

    I hope it wasn’t you who gave this video its first dislike because you were too scared of Kate & Cory.

  16. shadedsoulhorse says:

    if i met those people in real life i would be scared xD nah corey’s awesome, just bit too crazy xD

  17. 2rude says:

    Horrible Schtick!!!!!

  18. iBug says:

    I totally agree, that’s my favorite moment too !
    That sound is so weird and the look on Kate’s face is just priceless :-)

  19. luisjs says:

    6:42 best moment xD

  20. olternaut says:

    You do good work dude!

  21. Owmxks says:

    This was amazing! You should do a mash-up of Moo and Pokey moments too!

  22. Kandiegirl127 says:

    Yay! another one!

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