Papillon puppy litter training,crate training works

He is using the Purina litter called Second Nature. We just got little Gnocchi our Papillon puppy a week ago, and he is already using his litter box. When he is in this bathroom he is now 100% successful every time. He is now 9 weeks old. This is our first puppy and we are so surprised at how great Crate Training is. Gnocchi will be a litter box dog for his entire life because we dont have a yard. Update 3=4=09 he is now 4 months old and is still using his litter box. He has 3 boxes around the house. He misses on purpose though so we use puppy pads underneath, and only treat him when he is fully inside the box.
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  1. nightlightview says:

    Oh yes, Gnocchi is even today about as large as a papillon as you would meet. He weighs 15.3 pounds last I weighed him. Most Paps are about 10 pounds.


    Your puppy is incredibly large…

  3. nightlightview says:

    Hi there, Our little guy is now over 2 years old. His ears popped up at around 10 weeks old. We got him and they were still not up. The litter is sold at PetSmart, its in the cat litter section of the store in a turquoise bag with a cat on the front. Gnocchi still uses his litter box every day, but we try to walk him about 4 times a day when its not bad weather. My pup is the largest Papillon you will see, he is 15.3 pounds today, so his chunky size was telling as time went on

  4. lovemybeau says:

    Hello, where did you purchase the compressed newspaper? Your puppy is more hefty and fuzzy than mine isand more hefty than my Papillon puppy at now 4 and 1/2 months old. My puppies ears are straight up now. How old is your puppy and when will his ears pop up? He is darling.

  5. nightlightview says:

    Hi, Yes it sorta does! its compressed newspaper and doesnt really smell like anything. After about 20 days, and daily use, the paper swells up and is a bit stinky. We get the poop out of his litter box immediately, but the pee stays and evaporates. When I notice a lot of “swelling” of the litter then I scoop some out because the edges are usually pretty fresh still. He is a year and a 1/2 now, and still uses his litter boxes every day. We still give him treats or praise.

  6. nightlightview says:

    Hi, He was nibbling on the litter really only for about 2 weeks. It smells enticing for dogs to pee there. The box is actually a regular cat litter box, not a super high one.  Since the dog litter is really just cardboard and newspaper, all pressed tightly in a cone shape, it cant hurt them. Gnocchi is now about 1.5 years old, and he tears up cardboard and paper products, and eats some now and again, he is fine and its extra roughage in his litter box. :)

  7. chocara1 says:

    Awe so cute! Where did you find that pan? I bought my dog some of this stuff and she started eating it, so I sprayed it with bitter works.

  8. nightlightview says:

    You will find it really helps out Every Single Day. Let me say that its nice that I can get up and have coffee first, and then just give him a treat for using the box. Doggies pee and poop at separate times, and my pup likes to use 2 different boxes so we watch both of them all day long and clean right away. The pee just dries, but removing poop is real important because young ones may eat it. Teach the pup “Leave It” right away early. Good luck.

  9. lamodedeparis says:

    i’m trying to litterbox train my yorkie mix puppy, & she is about 50% successful right now (its been a week)! gnocchi is SUCH a cute name! papillons are very intelligent from what i know too; cant wait til my puppy is fully trained!

  10. Winkiedoodles says:

    Gnocchi – yes, he is a little dumpling! Good luck with the potty training.

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