Pandora the Kitten will fill your life with love and hope

Pandora is a 4 month old black domestic shorthair kitten. She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations. She is super cute, fun, affectionate, cuddly, and playful. Come see her at the Maryland heights HUmane Society

We are aCFA cattery ‘purrpals 4u’ look for the new comeing video to see if you see a kitten you like.DOB of 04/21/2010. we are in north Anderson IN. you can Email me at or call me at 765-382-0316 for more info. ask for kenneth thank you for your time. A Cat fanciers Associaiton,Inc. Cattery Purrpals 4u DEPOSITS Our non-refundable deposit is 0 to 0 to hold ANY kitten. All kittens must be paid in full at time of pick up (No Acceptions). We only take Paypal (all major credit cards accepted) and Cash. No personal checks or money orders at this time will be accepted, no acceptions. It is very important to understand that once we get a deposit on any kitten, the kitten is taken out of inventory and no longer is for sale. It is unfair to ask us to refund any deposit or monies paid if you do not intend to purchase. As kittens get older, they are less likely to be sold as everyone wants young babies. When you commit to sending a deposit you are essentially signing a contract agreeing to purchase the kitten. Please understand this. HEALTH Our kittens come from a cage free underfoot cattery. They are given vaccinations prior to leaving. These vaccinations DUE NOT include FeLV (Feline Leukemia). ALL of our adult cats are negative of FeLV and are inside cats. There is no reason to give this shot. If you have reason to believe your kitten will be around an “outside cat” that could possibly carry FeLV, you NEED to get your kitten vaccinated for FeLV. Purrpals
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  1. KittensThonen1640Hi says:

    my face hurts via cheerful so much

  2. KittensRecipe1353 says:

    Totally disagree with this. Monkeys and horses are created to eat and drink from the surface

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