Pallas Cat Kittens – 12 weeks old pt1

The kittens are developing the typical Pallas Cat ‘jumpy’ movements, although this kitten is being a little over the top ‘jumpy’ when playing hide and seek with me! Watch this space for future updates on this adorable little family. Video taken by Jackie Thomas at WHF
Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 Responses to “Pallas Cat Kittens – 12 weeks old pt1”

  1. missfuzzymittens says:

    beautiful tiny wild cats

  2. titytit says:

    so CUUUUUUTE!!!!

    i wants one!

  3. martineluv1 says:

    what is special with palls cats?

  4. SHAUNZONE123 says:

    0:26 cat says : madafucker

  5. Tork110 says:

    0:20  Whack-a-kitty

  6. solasautomata says:

    So that’s what a cat with Wired Reflexes 2 looks like…

  7. lobiita5 says:

    do they blink?? 

  8. Lurdiak says:

    Do they like it when you pet them

  9. caseysheatx says:

    do they really move that fast?

  10. UnclePutte says:

    Serious kittens are serious.

  11. customcartoons says:

    Eeee! You’re so cute I wanna hug y- GAAAAH my face! D:

  12. rax7 says:

    aww they look like snow leopard

  13. somesortanaughty says:

    I want one….then again, i want every single cat i see..

  14. wonderdaylove says:

    Beautiful creatures. :) 

  15. MrFrogjab says:

    like thinking that there are peaople who don’t destroy nature but protect her. thank u for posting. this family’s so adorable :)

  16. joloveangel says:

    awwwww so cute

  17. ttrisking1011 says:

    such cute little animals, I wish I had one (and had the time and resoruces to take care of one)!

  18. Madziarex23 says:

    So cuuute ^^

  19. freddyhollants says:

    oh god there staring into my soul O.O”

  20. freddyhollants says:

    oh god there staring into my soul O.O”

  21. XxCrazyRandomEmilyxX says:

    gaaaahhh they’re too cuteee

  22. georgethewondermutt says:

    love how intense they look

  23. TheBurbyGirl says:

    This is the best use for the Benny Hill theme music I’ve ever seen and heard.

  24. stello4ka72 says:

    У вас плохое настроение? посмотрите на этих крошек и будете сидеть с глупой счастливой улыбкой)))

  25. TheBurbyGirl says:

    This is the best use of the Benny Hill theme song that I’ve seen yet.

  26. Kitt3n5IzzyJournal says:

    I became massively dyspathetic in order to kittens and cats until I had a roommate whose kitty Kitten Chow planned to slumber when camping every night

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