Otters playing with pebbles Cute footage of Otters juggling pebbles

25 Responses to “Otters playing with pebbles”

  1. MPSecare says:

    get that thing a balisong

  2. HellaSweetStacks says:

    this music is unnecessarily intense

  3. CirclegirlDE says:

    Aaah what a cute video. I so love to watch Harri and her daughters play and have fun with the pebbles.

  4. ButlerLewis says:

    John Cochran brought me here.

  5. SimsAndSuch says:

    Pretty impressive lol.

  6. DreamTiger5 says:

    Otters are so silly x3

  7. BVargas78 says:

    I love otters, they remind me of us humans when we were children, playing without a care in the world :)

  8. TheWiwiee says:

    I bet somebody tuned in to sport channel in the zoo.

  9. Anonigeek says:

    Could you have picked gayer music?

  10. GoldRomanceLove says:

    this is really cute an insane lol

  11. DarkPieman says:

    They have a tendancy to play with empty shellfish shells after eating.

  12. vladxx2 says:

    Now thats how a pr0 does it!

  13. iluvdorx11 says:

    omg so cute!! Love the music too :D

  14. GameLover755 says:


  15. shadowtiger18 says:

    Amazing dexterity

  16. 94jg says:

    So freaking cute

  17. ArtistsForEarth says:

    I know some otters that need a treadmill. Or a fox to chase them around for an hour.

  18. hardminder says:

    fat otters!!!

  19. tyetu769 says:

    they are both in the same family

  20. NamesUsedUp1 says:


  21. sp4cepope says:

    Interesting behavior. Good dexterity practice i guess, adult play behavior indicates intelligence.

  22. darkswedishfish666 says:

    yeah lol you should go to my channel..i have videos of my two baby girls having fun chasing eachother ^_^ they do that little ferret dance

  23. Canaveral305 says:

    Yeah, plus they are a bit more “fat”. I have 3 ferrets (and love them), and call them “my otters”. xD

  24. darkswedishfish666 says:

    ^_^ lol its awesome how they’re related to ferrets!! i see my two ferrets and they look exactly the same in posture except for the fur color patterns its amazing

  25. powerofpurple2007 says:

    hey thats the theme to penguins arena… lol

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