NINJA KITTEN gatito de ninja

Now Muffin eats Doritos! follow us @housekittens Buddy is no ordinary kitten! I love it! You can see Muffin relaxing below him on the floor. Both Buddy and Muffin were adopted from the St. Louis Humane Society. ADOPT A PET!! LOL ReaperCry wrote: Ninja Kitty:Hey Muffin wanna see me climb the stairs the ninja way?! Muffin:Yeah’ll probably end up killing yourself Ninja Kitty:YEEEEEHAWW *climbs* Muffin:…showoff…. Lady:He’s do’in it! Muffin: Who’s that? Ninja kitty:Idk meggomae: You are so right! He does look like David Bowie in Labyrinth…one of the best movies EVER!!!!!!!!!!

25 Responses to “NINJA KITTEN gatito de ninja”

  1. OriginalNameSequence says:

    Not sure what to think, it’s like everything I’ve ever been told was a lie…

  2. betypus says:

    Jajaja que bueno

  3. HouseKittens says:

    Thanks for still watching folks!! Follow us @housekittens

  4. megabluebarry says:


  5. Eric Steinborn says:

    This is awesome!

  6. Fred gibbons says:

    heheheh, thatr is hilarius!!!

  7. iheartkitties2012 says:

    awwwww so cute! cats are the best. I just adopted 2 kittens. They’re brothers! check out my channel. I have tons of HD videos of my babies and tons more to come. I have some great footage, just need my fellow cat lovers to see them ;)

  8. NuttyErika says:

    dont let him/her get fat. :D 

  9. 1993gandy says:

    You don’t say

  10. duduvcd3000 says:

    you dont say hehehe im just kidding =]

  11. TheTerminator4444 says:

    Wowww… you stole the challenge accepted and the fuck yea thing from rage comics. -_-

  12. duduvcd3000 says:

    you cant claim the stairs upside down!


    Fuck Yea.

  13. cyberdaemon says:

    Hes like “walking on stairs is for pussies and losers!” :D

  14. g0stevieg0 says:

    “forget the stairs. stairs are for mortals. stairs are not important enough for me. i am god. “

  15. myoujin1986 says:


  16. DS56531 says:

    ninja cat!

  17. TwilightAngel35 says:

    This cat is showing the awesome way to climb the stairs lol.

  18. ALEX1800Z says:

    lo unico que la caga es la voz de la vieja -.-’

  19. XDRAGONX15555 says:

    Hahaha he’s doin it hahaha lol ninja cat is ninja

  20. xxNinjaUroschxx says:

    amazing bro…

  21. hsumi1 says:

    Assassin’s cat.

  22. RadarKat73080 says:

    “Whadda ya mean I didn’t get the part of Spiderman?”

  23. bconover93 says:

    this is an actual obstacle on Ninja Warrior…

  24. Bellybob12 says:

    hey look is the new assasins creed game except you play as a cat!

  25. FallenAnaki says:


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