Newborn Kitten. About 2 weeks old. Orphan!! Do you think her health is improving or taking a fall?

Question by Dumb girl: Newborn Kitten. About 2 weeks old. Orphan!! Do you think her health is improving or taking a fall?
I found a kitten yesterday. She’s about two weeks old. She wass covered in fleas, starving[but not skinny at all] and mothersick. We fed her kitten formula from a nursing bottle, and she didn’t drink all of it. Her urine was orange when we first got her to go, which showed undernourishment. The next day, we fed her, and she urined again, and it was a light pale yellow. Improvement? I head a sleepy, quiet, alert kitten is a healthy kitten. And she sure does nurse on my finger an sleep a lot. When there is a loud noise, she moves in her sleep, showing she is alert. I removed most of her fleas. Only about three linger, and boy, are those buggers quick.

Do you think my kitten’s health is improving?

[BTW I don't want any dumbass answers. I want answers from people who actually know what they are talking about. Thanks.]

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Answer by NosyD
It sounds like this kitten needs to be seen by a qualified veterinary professional. Severe flea infestations in any animal, let alone a tiny kitten, can cause flea anemia. It is good that the kitten is nursing and taking in the formula but she may need additional vitamin, antibiotic, or fluid support. Please call your vet at least to make sure the little one doesn’t need further care. Good luck!

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  1. Mel says:

    Yes, she’s improving. Thank you for taking care of her. It’s a lot of work to raise newborn kittens. Keep trying to feed her milk every few hours. She should continue improving.

    Don’t forget to rub her bottom with a warm cloth to get her to use the bathroom. :)

    You should probably take her to the vet just to make sure her flea problem isn’t too serious.

  2. dragonfly says:

    sounds like your doin good for the kitty and also sounds like she is doin better just make sure you help her go potty by rubbin her bottom with a warm wet rag because if she no go poo poo it is not good for her….good luck and its very nice of you to be her mommy for now….

  3. CmJ says:

    Ive got to say. She sounds as if she is getting a whole lot better thats a big improvement in her urination. From orange to light yellow thats perfect. Keep it up. Now what are you doing about fleas?? I know your pickin them off. But are you also putting a flea ointment on her maybe giving her a bath. Also hope that doesnt get into your house. Just keep up what your doing. Also you might want to take her to the vet i know you may not be able to afford it but try. Anyways i hope all goes well and im sure she will do just fine in your hands you sound as i fyou know what your doing.

  4. holly m says:

    if there is an spca in your area i might look into giving them a phone call to see if they have a mother cat still nursing to let the kitten nurse on her to get a lot stronger and healthier as its the mothers milk that has antibodys to make the kitten healthy . They are usually very helpful the case of an orphaned animal.

  5. textank76 says:

    First off – the cussing is not necessary. My 9 year old little girl loves to read and learn about animals with me. So, as far as not wanting dumb answers – don’t be immature and dumb.

    Sounds to me like she is doing well. Make sure you feed her frequently – Every couple of hours. The older she gets, the more formula she will take. Her urine was orange from dehydration. So, she needs to be watched closely. I would probably get her into the vet in the morning and have her looked at. It would probably ease your mind to have a good report from a professional.

  6. caves51 says:

    Your best answer is to call your local vet and explain what has happened. If they are ‘nice’ they will help you with your questions. Be sure there are frequent feedings; as much as the kitten wants. Be sure that the kitten is wiped with a damp cloth so that it is kept clean and will not have sinus infections or other ailments.

    Change it’s bedding when soiled, again, to keep the area clean. Keep it warm at nights if it is very cold. If it is 2 wks old, it should have its eyes opening and that is why you need to keep it clean. [its mom would lick it clean too!] It should start ‘playing’ a bit in a week or two and may start walking at about that time. Good luck with your kitty! :)

  7. harbourgirl007 says:

    I’m not an expert but i have had a few experiences with sick kittens (unfortunately).

    To me she sounds like she’s improving, but its really important to make sure she’s not dehydrated and if she is to get her some really wet food. You can tell this by gently pinching the skin on the back of her neck. If it stays pinched after you let go it means that she’s dehydrated.

    In realize she’s very young but i would suggest going to a vet and buying some high-cal recovery food (one brand is called “Hills a/d”). it’s really really soft and easy to lick up even for a small kitten. They really love the taste and she will get a lot of hydration from it.

    Good luck.. she’s lucky to have someone as caring as you!

  8. Tiken says:

    in addition to the kitten’s milk you might try giving her pedialite with a dropper- I understand that fleas might make kittens anemic hence the sleepiness-being anemic means being iron deficient. Also, after you feed her, rub her tummy in a downward motion- this is what her mom would do to stimulate urination- the key is fluids, fluids, fluids.

  9. tezza says:

    kittens are very hardy we had one whos mother died the day after it was born. we live in an area without vets and it sounds to me you have done all anybody can do for a kitten if it can eat and pass urine there is a good chance it will live

  10. poohbear1978 says:

    It seems like the kittens health is improving very well. But I do suggest that you take the kitten to the vet to get a check up and deworming. Good luck and congrats on the kitty…Take care and have fun with her/him.

  11. shiftymad says:

    I fostered 4 baby kittens that were only 3 weeks old. they were dumped at a veterinarian surgery and I am a foster “parent” for orphaned animals.

    They are extremely difficult to feed at times and it takes a while for them to get use to getting fed from a nursing bottle, for every 100g they weigh, they need 20ml of milk. But they aren’t always going to drink it all. A kitten at 2 weeks weighs about 100-120g. As long as you feed her every 2 hours and she drinks AT LEAST half then she will be fine. And by the sounds of her urine, she is progressing very well. I kept one of the orphans and he is big and healthy now.

    You can start to introduce small amount of wet cat food at 3-4 weeks, mix some of the milk in with it tho, so its a familiar taste, and its not so thick – it will thin it out.

    This will leave her fuller for longer, but still feed her every 2 hours. And its important for her to get her vaccinations, because her immune system may be down (but usually this is around 6 weeks) get the veterinarian to check her over too.

    Good luck. and good on you for taking care of this little kitten, should be more people like you

  12. Kayty says:

    It sounds like she’s getting better,

    Did you get the fleas off her? Fleas can take so much blood from a kitten that it dies of anemia and heart failure.

    Bless you for doing your best for her, but do keep in mind that she’s very young, and that her mother may have sensed that she was sick or defective, and abandoned her.

    It’s possible she’ll recover. But it’s also possible that she was beyond help before you ever found her.

    Let us know what happens.

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