New Webkinz! ~Signature Cheetah and Love Kitten~

OMG, I got the cutest Webkinz! The signature Cheetah and Love Kitten! :D I NEED NAMES FOR THE LOVE KITTEN PLEASE!
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I will add in the names of the eyeshadows later. Vlog Channel – Twitter – My Blog – My Sister Isa’s Blog – http Dailybooth – Tumblr – Blogtv – http
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31 Responses to “New Webkinz! ~Signature Cheetah and Love Kitten~”

  1. webkinzluv227 says:

    Name it Valentine

  2. webkinzluv227 says:

    Name it Valentine

  3. theskye101 says:

    Why didn’t you show the Love Kitten? I would LOVE to see it….hehe see what I did there? You would name is Candy Hearts

  4. cheynope says:

    i have one his name is buddie lol

  5. fatpiggie9 says:

    iwan’t the sin cheetah soooo badddddd i hope they still sell them

  6. RIVERCLAN100 says:

    girl name penny //////boy name cosha

  7. honeyflower3 says:

    omg thanks for sharing i will have to look it up i hope it is it lol thanks for watching too!

  8. HaleyAnn89 says:

    the blush brush handle reminds me of some eyeshadow brushes that i have, the brand is called mirra and I got them at my local grocery store, they are just inexpensive brushes but they work so well. anyways, the handle on it just looks like the handles on the brushes i have so maybe its the same brand? lol :)

  9. honeyflower3 says:

    haha we don’t see it…thanks for watching

  10. honeyflower3 says:

    lol boys and makeup don’t mix! thanks for watching :D

  11. shahid81kapoor says:

    omg :-O it looks like you two are twins !! georgous :)

  12. honeyflower3 says:

    thanks for watching!

  13. Adoushka1 says:

    aww:( i feeel u!!! i have problem skin as well… it will get betterr with timee xoxox

  14. meggersxo7 says:

    i wish i had a sister i am stuck in the middle of two boys lol.

  15. xmichellex8976x says:

    isa kinda looks like idina menzel. and the palette has great colors!

  16. RebeccaBlueEyes96 says:

    I wish I had a sister….. ;(

  17. honeyflower3 says:

    thanks for watching and i am glad you enjoyed it

  18. honeyflower3 says:

    haha thanks for the comment

  19. honeyflower3 says:

    not really but thats the annoying part about my skin one weeks its great then next week its bad again

  20. honeyflower3 says:

    thanks for the comment :D 

  21. honeyflower3 says:

    awww thanks for the comment and I am glad to hear you have a great relationship with your sister as well.  i have two sisters and its the best!

  22. honeyflower3 says:

    haha we don’t see it

  23. honeyflower3 says:

    haha there is no need to blend!!

  24. honeyflower3 says:

    thanks so much for the u have any siblings?

  25. honeyflower3 says:

    lol i guess i don’t have dark shadows on :P

  26. honeyflower3 says:

    ooo i’ll have to look in that thanks

  27. honeyflower3 says:

    thanks and i’ll let you know u liked it

  28. honeyflower3 says:

    @xmas98072 thanks for the suggestion

  29. honeyflower3 says:


  30. honeyflower3 says:

    aww thanks and thanks for watching

  31. honeyflower3 says:

    thanks for watching

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