My wireless connection won’t work. Gateway laptop. Running Windows XP.?

Question by Daisy: My wireless connection won’t work. Gateway laptop. Running Windows XP.?
I left it open and my kitten walked on the keys and now it won’t connect to my wireless Internet. There is a red X on the icon. When I click on it and click on “wireless on”, it says “wireless will not transmit when it is turned off”. I can’t find a key on my pc to turn it on nor is there a button.

When I try to troubleshoot, it tells me wireless is turned off. You cannot transmit or recieve when wireless is turned off.

It also says my radio is off and to turn it on with my hardware.

I did a system restore. That didn’t work.
I reinstalled my software for my ISP. That didn’t work.

HOW do I turn it back on?
The kitten stepped on the Fn and F2
keys at the same time! Bodygaurd
walked me through the problem via
Yahoo Instant Messenger! Thanks!

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Answer by tantiemeg
At this point, I’d call Gateway or your wireless provider.

(My husband, a sys admin, left on an out of town trip this afternoon. Otherwise I would go into the next room and ask him.)

Reading it again, try restarting at the box. I’m talking about where your server is conected to your house (main computer).

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7 Responses to “My wireless connection won’t work. Gateway laptop. Running Windows XP.?”

  1. xander_noodles says:

    is your external “box” unpluged

  2. hailey says:

    look at your users manual for your laptop and see where the switch is to turn your wireless on and off

  3. greenmannowar says:

    frm the START button at the bottom
    go to

    right click and open it up
    right clikc and hit ENABLE
    if that doesnt work
    right clikc and hit PROPERTIES

    you might have to reinstall the adapter if the above hasnt worked
    you might have to reinstall the drivers for the adapter

  4. Peter K says:

    Many laptops have a special button that switches off the WiFi. This is to save power when you don’t need the WiFi, or for when you are on a plane where wireless devices are not allowed to be used. All you have to do is find the special button and press it!

  5. KickBoxer says:

    look for the Fn ( function key) at the left buttom corner .. press that with one of the F4 or F5 .. look there for a key with a dot and bracets next to it .. that should turn your wirless on or off.

  6. Thunderman 9 says:

    Check the security keys for logging onto your wireless network. Your cat may have done something to change the security key and that might be why you can’t get on your wireless network. Make sure your security keys match for both your router and for your computer or you won’t be able to do anything.

    Also, try unplugging your router and turning off your modem that connects you to the Internet for 3 minutes and then turn them back on or plug them back into the electricity. Sometimes doing this will solve the problem as well.

    Hopefully one of the two of these solutions works for you.

  7. Zackyb92 says:

    On my Gateway laptop i press the “Fn” key
    (in the bottom left corner) and the F2 key to turn it on and off

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