My Seven Week old kitten has eye discharge, should I be concerned?

Question by redhead2229: My Seven Week old kitten has eye discharge, should I be concerned?
I have had this male kitten from birth. He was in a littler of six that had to be bottle fed. None of the other kittens have this and he has always had it. He has what looks like snot (a green mucus looking substance) coming from his eyes. When it dries it shuts his eyes. I have to rub his eyes with a damp cloth daily to keep them clean. This mainly happens at night. He has no other symptoms and this does not seem to effect him at all other then closing his eyes at night. Great appetite, plays like a normal kitten, no sneezing or coughing, nothing, just the eye discharge. Does anyone know (really know) what this could be and what I can do to get rid of it?

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Answer by ekko
that always happens. hes healthy. :)

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  1. mohole says:

    Yes, you should be concerned. Get him to a vet. He’ll have low resistance to many illnesses because he’s been bottle-fed (no antibodies from mum). It may just be a mild infection, but do try to egt it seen to.

  2. ♡♥Jenni♡♥ says:

    Since he’s such a little guy, I would highly suggest taking him to the vet. Green discharge means there is an infection, and cats are notorious for hiding that they don’t feel well. It’s a survival instinct. He probably has an eye infection or an upper respiratory infection and he’ll need prescription medication from the vet.

  3. Alicia says:

    you should take him to the vet. even though he isn’t experiencing any other symptoms (sneezing, lethargic, etc), he very well may have a virus or infection. if it’s a virus, it’s very contagious to the other kittens, even if theya aren’t experiencing symptoms. they may have a better immune system. the vet will probably give you eye drops for the little guy to help clear it up and make sure it doesn’t spread to the others. good luck with your kittens!

  4. Connie S says:

    you always want to be concerned about eye discharge. Especially if it is gluing his eye shut. at 7 weeks they should be big and robust, and about two pounds, and this really should not be an issue. (a little goop in the corner of the eyes would be less concerning then being glued shut)

    Because he is eating and acting just fine, this very well could be the start of something and in a day or two very well could become something much worse. Better to catch it early then wait until it is more developed because it will cost more to treat and will be harder on the kitten’s over all health.

  5. CatseniaKanesha says:

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