My secret love episode 1(nelena story)

Episode 1 of new series My secret love! Read tralier first please: Back In high school Selena-(closes locker and sighs watching her sister Lucy and her boyfriend Nick make out) Ariana- Sel! Selena-(turns her head) Yes? Ariana- Were you listening to me? Selena- No im sorry Ari it’s just… Ariana- Nick? Selena-(gives her a small smile) Ariana- Oh Selena just tell him you like him before you lose him Selena- What no! I could never do that to Lucy, after all they have been dating since freshmen year and this is their senior year, why would he leave his girlfriend of 4 years for her little sister who he thinks of as just a friend. Ariana- You never know you might just be meant to be (smiles) Selena- Wow you are a sucker for love stories Ariana-(smiles) Oh yes I am! Selena-(laughs) I don’t know what I would do without a best friend like you. Ariana- Hmm oh rot like a dead body because you can’t share your feeling with anyone. (giggles) Selena- Your also a sucker for horror movies, and I have my cousin Demi Ariana- Yeah but she’s nothing like me! (jumping around and giggling like a 4 year old) Selena- Your right you’re annoying, irritating, mean, jumpy and act like your 4! Ariana-(stops jumping and hits her arm) Hey you’re the mean one! Selena- Oh and you hit too! Nick and Lucy walk up to them Lucy- I’m so happy your coming to school here Selena! (ruffles her hair) Selena- Please don’t Lucy- Right sorry Nick- We better go Lucy, their waiting for us. Nice seeing
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2 Responses to “My secret love episode 1(nelena story)”

  1. nelenaXlicole4ever says:

    wow it is such a great story. I love this new one you got.

  2. duvukonu says:

    seems interesting

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