My Niece’s Kitten playing with a milk bottle

Cute little kitten playing with a milk bottle just for fun
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6 Responses to “My Niece’s Kitten playing with a milk bottle”

  1. CatsThesoyJoby310 says:

    Cats won’t take your inhale

  2. CleverFryling837 says:

    let him select one wave

  3. CatsCanyons399 says:

    I have had positive results that has a a bit of a squeeze with their paw to permit them understand this is not adequate behavior

  4. CatsMegs978 says:

    I have to end up being providing the cats super food because they are too smart just for this perhaps

  5. LadyRiyah273 says:

    All of us employ oven pellets regarding cat litter

  6. MuchCatsHamzah1544 says:

    i tried that as well as my personal pet Nippers knocked the girl jar on to the floor

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