My new kitten does not seem to like me. What should I do?

Question by : My new kitten does not seem to like me. What should I do?
I just got new kitten and named her Mittens (don’t laugh). She is seven weeks old. Every time I go near her she either backs up against the wall or runs away. I just got her yesterday. What do I do?

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Answer by old man on the hill
give her some time

for seven weeks she was with her mother and litter mates. and then some strange very large creature takes her away from everything she has known in life, and takes her to someplace strange with new sights and smells

she will adjust to you and her new home. it shouldn’t take long

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  1. xoxoFHGxoxo says:

    How old is this kitten? It could be just a phase of missing his mama. When a creature over 20 times as big as it comes at it, it’s gonna be scared. Especially if it isn’t used to people. Try coming at it very slowly when you want to be near it. When you talk to it, don’t keep a real low voice, it makes it think you’re a predator. Try not to make much noise, since that will scare it more. And just give it time. If you come at it one day and it gets scared, don’t keep chasing it. That will take longer to gain its trust.

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  2. Lucia says:

    Shes probably scared and not to sure were she is.
    She will eventually adjust and more comfortable with you the longer shes there.

  3. Kayla K says:

    she needs to get use to bein somewhere different and needs to get comfortable for it,its hard for some animals living in other places when they r use to other things,and maybe she needs more tamed,just try holding her and do as much as u can for her,thats what i had to do with my cat cuz it was mean tho

  4. Lily says:

    You can’t really make your cat love you. It takes time. But you can start by talking to her in a gentle soothing voice. Another thing that really helps is if you are the one that feeds her and cleans her litter box. Play with her a lot; that builds a stronger bond. Oh and don’t pick her up too much while some cats may like it yours may or may not.

    As for petting her, cats like to be petted behind the ears in circular motions because it grabs their attention. After you do the ears move towards the back of the head as well as in circular motions. Then move to the other ear. Once you do that you can start by petting your cat along the back, but don’t go all the way to the tail, stop halfway. Don’t pet upwards. They loathe that. Always pet down. Now be warned some cats hate to be petted around the belly, but others like it. Now that you have done that you can start by petting your cat with her palm facing down along the back. Stop at the tail. Don’t stay in one spot to long because it may irritate them. End cuddle time with a treat.

    Trust me your cat will beg for a cuddle session after this. :)

    I’m also going to leave some links on how to massage your cat and some tips that will help you a lot!

    Oh and one last tip: Don’t pressure your cat too much. Thats how it is the first couple of days. They start to get comfortable after a couple of months.

    I hope you both create a beautiful bond!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Not laughing,Mittens is an adorable name. It is not that she does not like you,at all. She is just shy,probably afraid,as you just got her,and she is in a new endowment,without,her Mother,or siblings,which is all she knew. She may also,be a little feral,if she was born outside. Which is fine as well she will become used to you,and bond with you as time goes on,with lots of love,attention,she will then become secure enough to trust you and know you love her. Toss her gently some toys,little ball,string for her to chase,play with her,talk to her softly gently,so she gets used to your voice,offer her treats,toss a few to her,if she won’t come,and tell her you love her,and how pretty she is! she will come around with love attention,and patience! Try,to hold her alot,when she does,pet her gentlty,scratch her under her chin,they like this,also,when you can try to softly rub her nose,as this to a cat,means,Friend,and creates bonding. Remember,softly,gently,not loud or bosterous,as she is a shy one,in a new place.All will be fine,matter of time,you will win,her love.

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