My kitten is on antibiotics for a UTI and he’s gaining so much weight, is this normal?

Question by Kimberly: My kitten is on antibiotics for a UTI and he’s gaining so much weight, is this normal?
My kitten is five months old and when I took him on the vet Friday they diagnosed him with an UTI. He’s responding to the antibiotics and using the litter box but boy does he have the munchies! He eats sooo much and he’s putting on so much weight. When we took him to the vet he weighed 4 pounds and a quarter. Now he’s up to at least five pounds. Is this healthy, him gaining so much weight?
Yeah, he was given a shot at the vets. He’s a pretty tiny kitten so the added weight isn’t too bad, it’s just weird. He has to go back on Friday to get another shot, so I’ll see if the vet says anything about the weight gain.

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Answer by linda
Is he only on the antibiotic? Steroids like prednisone will make them more hungry and thirsty. Was he given an injection at the vet’s office? This doesn’t sound normal to me, and antibiotics shouldn’t cause it. I’d give the vet a call.

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  1. Shadow says:

    Antibiotics themselves shouldn’t cause a weight gain, but your kitten only gained 0.75 lbs anyway. Remember 5 month old kittens eat a lot because they are still growing. Is it possible that he actually had a lack of appetite when he had the infection, and now that he is getting better he is getting that appetite back?

    If you are worried give your vet a call, they have to deal with worried parents all the time and phone call consultations are free.

  2. vandeka says:

    If he has an UTI he was probably in pain not long ago and not eating very well.
    Now that he’s medicated he feels better and has an bigger appetite, and remember he’s an teenager, if you seem one teen eat before you know what I mean.
    But if the weight is to much maybe he’s retaining water, you should call the vet and ask him what to do.How is he felling now is he acting healthy, playing, and in good spirits if so it’s nothing cats act different when they are sick. Good luck

  3. Quirky says:

    Absolutely normal. A kitten should gain on average about 1 pound a month until they reach their adult weight. You’re probably seeing a lot of weight gain at this point in time because the antibiotics are working.

    What makes a URI dangerous for a cat is the fact that it clogs the nose, and keeps them from smelling things effectively. A cat eats based on its sense of smell, so when they get URIs, they stop eating. Now that the URI is clearing up, he can smell again, and so he’s eating normally again.

    Five pounds at five months is just about perfect.

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