My french bulldog feeding my cat

My French Bulldog, Cala, feeding my cat Rufino
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25 Responses to “My french bulldog feeding my cat”

  1. cyberboy94 says:

    Cat: Can i taste your milk?

    Dog: I would be delightful

    Cat: Why thank you (starts lickng n sucking)

    Petowner: o.o what a horny pet i got!!

  2. LucyChihuahua1 says:

    omg thats just disturbing

  3. Guitarlord26 says:

    Does your dog have nipples under its armpits? doesn’t appear to be “feeding”

  4. rmzon says:

    haha soo sweet:D

  5. GoombaGuy814 says:


  6. DJMdalia says:

    wtf is this? lolwut? DAMN THAT DOG GOT SOME BIG NIPPLES lol

  7. otherpeopleslives says:


  8. LadiUneek says:

    @bugabugaman. LOL.  Good one!!

  9. 13LatinPride13 says:


  10. litttlegoody99 says:

    thats cat looks like mine

  11. bugabugaman says:


  12. girlsworld1 says:

    lol the dogs like you like it :)

  13. EmeraldJunkie says:

    Id know Id smile if someone was licking my nipples XD

  14. nerxboy says:

    your cat is going to eat your dog at some point in the future xD

  15. flyingsayon says:

    the dog is smiling, wtf? :O

  16. bigibro says:

    the cats going crazy lol

  17. Nevetsboy2 says:

    The dog has…6 NIPPLES?!?!

  18. jehockey1224 says:

    its disturbing because the dog likes it and is smiling

  19. breadandbutterr says:

    Ewww… why is this kinda disturbing

  20. kahah2 says:

    now thats something i never thought i would see

  21. SeAn98x says:

    ohhhhhh..ok then =) oh and no xD!

  22. kassem435 says:

    no NO! i mean do you breast feat your cat too?

  23. SeAn98x says:

    i dont an animal?? im human so..if you are too thn u too breast feed -.-’

  24. kassem435 says:

    so you do it too?

  25. TheMarko2911 says:

    @kassem435 Phahahahah ur right XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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