My Feline Leukemia Positive Cat stopped eating.?

Question by Ginni H: My Feline Leukemia Positive Cat stopped eating.?
I’ve had my cat for a little over 2 years now. She was tested positive for Feline Leukemia as a kitten. She’s been doing really great until recently. I took her to the vet for her rabies vaccination a little less than a week ago, and now she won’t even touch her food. She just hides under the bed all day, and drinks water.

I normally feed her all dry food, but I tried to switch to wet food because she wasnt eating. She seems to like the wet food, but will only drink the liquid. If she gets any solid, she’ll immediatly spit it out.

I’ve got a vet appointment scheduled, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do in order to get my best friend to eat again.
I do not have any other cats in my home.

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Answer by Madison A
Hm, we had a cat positive for Feline Leukemia and she never did that. I’m not sure if it has something do to with the illness or not, but you are doing the right thing by taking her to the vet. Do you have any other cats? I only ask since it can spread to them easily.

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  1. Kitty says:

    unfortunately that was what happened to my cat as well, it turned out her had alot of pain in his teeth due to his leukemia. I believe we have a few removed and he was ok for a couple months, but even after that he started going down hill. after about 2 weeks of not eating and looking skinnier and sknnier i decided it was only humane for me to put him down. My cat was my best buddy and the best cat i ever had.

    I’m sorry to hear you cat has it. It’s devistating to know they have an uncureable illness. Hopefully yours will be ok, but I would bring it to the vet to make sure.

  2. majackmail says:

    I had a cat that was born with Feline Leukemia. He went off his food serveral times during his too short life. The vet told us that he wasn’t feeling well when he did, and prescribed valium to help with the illness and stimulate his appetite (valium gives cats the munchies!).

    Unfortunately, the last time my baby went off his food, he never recovered. Get into the vet as quickly as you can, but be prepared for the worst. I’ve got my fingers crossed for your kitty.

  3. pattis1016 says:

    I had a kitten a friend gave me. she owned the mother and the kitten and its litter mates were born outside. His name was Michaelangelo Renoir.
    He used to climb onme and poke me with his paw to let me know he wanted to be petted. he also followed me around and knew when i was coming home from anywhere.
    one day he refused to eat. i had to give him water from my hand. he got sick and his eyes turned black. i called my husband to come home and take him to the vet.
    he was diagnosed with feline lukemia and died in the vet’s office. it especially broke my heart because my husband said Mikey looked up at him as they were riding to the vet as if he was saying good-bye.
    He was four months old.

  4. Daisy Ann says:

    FELV usually causes the cat to have a lot of dental issues (Stomatitis and Gingavitis). It is very painful and they don’t want to eat because it hurts. Also, FELV + cats usually only live about 3 years and maybe there is something internally going on. I wouldn’t take any chances and I would go get a blood panel ran to see whats going on inside (kindney failure, liver disease or heart problems).

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