My cats legs!! Please, please, please help!!?

Question by : My cats legs!! Please, please, please help!!?
3 months ago, my friends and I were out in the park riding our bikes and he found a kitten under the slide. I called my mom and asked her if we could take it home, and he said that we could as long as we take care of it.
Now, like 2 months ago I nocited that we was limping. I didnt worry to much about it. But now its been 1 month and he is still limping. I have also nocited that its gettign worse. He like slides when he walks, and he cant not put any pressure on his foot and he will cry. When he lays down and tries to get back up, you have to help him up, bcause you cant do it on his own.
I told my dad about this, and he said its not broken, When im 99.9% sure it is!! So we are going to take him to the vet on Friday. I have 125$ I got for doing my chorse. We made a bet. I said I bet you $ 100 dollars it is broken, and he says I bet your 100$ doallars its not. So if im right i get aonther $ 100 doallrs. But if he wins he will get my $ 125 doallrs. who do you guys think will win????
Also, he just a little kitten. He has trouble gettign up, he slides when he walks, if you touches it he attchats your hand and will bite you, when you go down the stairs he hops on 1 foot. What do you guys think???

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Answer by ~•”`RYAN`”•~
I think it’s broken.

But, my Dad, when we bet like that, he never takes my money from me. Your dad may be different though.

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2 Responses to “My cats legs!! Please, please, please help!!?”

  1. Emma Leigh says:

    it is most likely broken.
    or he could have a tumor in his leg.
    either way, there is definatley something wrong.

  2. Ocimom says:

    He may have a broken hip and not the leg. Instead of betting on what is wrong, you should be more worried about fixing the problem. And get him neutered quickly too.

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