My cat telling me she is ready to give birth! leading me to her nest! Pictures of the kittens, from birth to a few months old. :) This is my cat Toula. She started telling me she was ready to give birth to her beautiful kittens and was telling me to follow her as she didnt want to be on her own. she went on to have 4 beautiful kittens in my bottom draw! :D
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26 Responses to “My cat telling me she is ready to give birth! leading me to her nest!”

  1. bluelover497 says:

    my friends cat gave birth in the closet

  2. RA1NBO3 says:

    my grans cat knew that she was about to give birth, she jumped on my grans lap then her water broke right there. she would of had them on her lap if my gran hadn’t of moved her.

  3. LadyDemon389 says:

    I’m gonna guess that the stripped kitten looked like his father ^^

  4. TheRobMargolin says:

    CAT LOVERS PLEASE HELP PLEASE TYPE IN THEROBMARGOLIN and please check out the cute rescue kittens that need great homes and if you are in southern CA please reach out thanks!!!!!!!

  5. Dave Hagen says:

    I have looked on you photobucket. Beautiful kittens to you have. (p.s. In dutch is it ‘kittens’ too)

  6. Alysaria says:

    :) That’s sweet.

  7. GiGixx621625 says:

    uh-huh. It was her first litter too :)
    I kept the kitten that was born on my bed :)

  8. Alysaria says:

    Lol I had a cat try to give birth on my lap. She had two, then later that night, climbed onto my lap again right before having the third. I suppose it’s kind of flattering to know a kitty loves you enough to share that special event and all of the fluids that come with it.

  9. AKA9FJ13 says:

    Cat has nest o.o

  10. Angie09669 says:

    awww!!!thts so cute.I love your cat!!!!

  11. stephen park says:


  12. GiGixx621625 says:

    no kidding…I felt around cuz she kept curling up against me, thought she peed, and found her blowing a sausage-like bubble…in my defense I was 12 at the time, and was in shock

  13. AuroraCelest says:


  14. brendenmonkey52 says:

    lol idk but she loved thos spots alot… she actualy made the spot under my bunk bed the place where she raised all her kittens for some reason >.>

  15. 123naruhina says:

    lol what do you have under your bed and in your bathtub that makes it so comfy? XD

  16. 123naruhina says:

    Your bed must be very comfortable lol

  17. Nounei Al says:

    My cats mate stepped on her belly when she was 1 week away from birth she some how dropped the baby and luckily it was only one.

  18. sazwah17 says:

    you walk on all fours?

  19. SkittleKinz223 says:

    Im sorry for all those mean and rude comments. I think that is just adorable and your house is not garbage.

  20. tempusxiii says:

    night before I was due to start a new job our cat Anthrax decide to have kittens in her box next to the bed, made it to work though

  21. live4freedom1 says:

    I’m a generally positive person; optimistic if you will. I always look for positives in a world of negatives. It is not an easy path. If you’re up to the challenge, and IT WILL be a challenge, you too CAN BE optimistic if you’re strong enough.

  22. numbuhilostcount says:


  23. ahyhijooooo says:

    are you really saying that?

  24. live4freedom1 says:

    the nice thing about a garbage house is like…who cares where the cat gives birth you know?

  25. ninjacom3 says:

    my cat gave birth to a litter in my dresser, and the kittens lived there for a month. i had to pull sleeping kittens out of my shirts.

  26. CatsubickeSeraya says:

    We use cooktop pellets pertaining to cat

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