My cat Snejhi with blue & green eyes

My cat Snejhi with blue & green eyes
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11 Responses to “My cat Snejhi with blue & green eyes”

  1. LeahElizaHawthorne1 says:

    :D I have a blue eye and a green eye too! Its not THAT dramatic, but they’re still different!

  2. LBFOREVERLB says:

    my house cat had a llitter of these kittys and only one was white with one yellow and one blue eye the others were normal but it happened because a jiant male cat with the same features was hanging around my front house alot and had babys with my kitty i tryed to catch him but he was really paranoid and he would sit under my house and moan alot i cant tell if someone owned him or not but he seemd sad to me & i live in australia so these cats are everywere dont think in turkey tho

  3. LBFOREVERLB says:

    i have a kitty just like this except fluffier i dont live with her anymore but when i come to see her she comes right up to me as soon as she sees me and still follows me around when im there my kitty is more loyal then 100 dogs and just as smart …cant catch birds at all tho… always breaks a twig on a dryed leaf or something that crunches and scares the birds away she dosnt notice cuz shes deff :)

  4. smallpanzer says:

    ok :S im not sure if my cat is deaf how can i know for sure ??? any spacial care need it for deaf cats ?? :S please if anyone could halp me !!!

  5. smallpanzer says:

    just found a kitay wth same eyes!!! so kewl, i got obssesed with eyes like that since i saw the video alala from – css.
    and mine is not deaf i gues he only doesnt give a single f·%$” about me :D

  6. Kipiloji says:

    where did u find this cat? i can’t find one, seems like they are only in turkey :/

  7. BGDublinche says:

    No she is not deaf, actualy she have a very good keen ear. :) She knows that I’m coming home when I’m 3 floors downstairs. Snejhi is amazing sweet and very clever cat !!! :)

  8. RegentsAlbany says:

    Is the act deaf? I read somewhere it’s a common genetic trait for cats like this

  9. djdeejayf says:

    My cat have Green and blue eyes too :) Is very beauti :)

  10. caelumnoct23 says:

    ahaha we have a cat named Kevin that looks like him, he has a blue eye on the right and a green one on the left though, but he is also pure white!!!!
    Snejhi is cute btw.

  11. Brant769 says:

    incidentally there exists a way to combat this awful smell clean the litter each day along with change it one or more times each month

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