Mx Vs ATV: Reflex Commentary

nairb does a commentary on our channel while playing MX Vs ATV Reflex check him out at CndianShreder on youtube. leave a comment down below on what you guys would like to see in future videos remember comment rate and subscribe and check out our channel for more gaming entertainment!!! send message to either ” Easy Break” or ” SoldOutOfMoney” on xbox live to get your videos shown on our channel. Tags: nairb 1st commentary mx vs atv jumps dirtbike mxz reflex call of duty black ops charlie sheen eminem rihanna drake new 2011 mixtape free lil wayne ray william johnson =3 xbox 360 live easy break soldoutofmoney 2nd modern “call duty” cod rose west kanye mw2 cod4 place “kanye west” montage jack jay quad cod5 motocross yamaha gameplay supercross honda “duty modern” world scope four suzuki riding motorcycle sand kawasaki wheeler racing kittens puppies cute funny fail win dolphin dive pwnage
Video Rating: 3 / 5

16 Responses to “Mx Vs ATV: Reflex Commentary”

  1. mike619madman says:

    motorsports commentaries would be cool :)

  2. SLAmMisfit980 says:

    Thankyou i hope you do do it i think it will be cool

  3. EasilySoldOut says:

    thats a great idea!
    If we do get to doing that ill be sure to credit you.

  4. SLAmMisfit980 says:

    hi nice vid im subbing and maybe can youguys post a review of mx vs atv untamed and mx vs atv reflex and hopefully do a versus videos between them like comintating on what one you like more and whats better.

    and in your opinion whats best of the whole series and is alive better then reflex and is untamed better then unleashed

  5. SuperHuts13 says:

    i would destroy you in this game

  6. RunNudeInTheWild says:

    Actualy commentate

  7. astro776 says:

    you started getting sloppy at the last half of the track during the second lap but overall you did good job

  8. TheInfamousCamper says:

    I don’t know why you have more dislikes this is your first commentary. I thought it was great liked :D

  9. gianismotocros4ever says:

    I don’t get why everyone is hating you?! I loved the commentary…!

  10. Stepab0ve says:


  11. Stepab0ve says:


  12. Stepab0ve says:


  13. Stepab0ve says:

    Hey bro just some friendly advice, if you want to make viewers like and hear you better tale that flair dick out of your mouth.


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  15. brennan358 says:

    nice commentating BB

  16. TwistCatsPaul407 says:

    my own feline Cinnabar jogged absent

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