Murphy the Great Dane Puppy vs Jack “The Young Cat” Black

Our 3 month old Great Dane “Murphy” getting to know our 5 month old kitten “Jack”.
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Im friends with the creator of the game
Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 Responses to “Murphy the Great Dane Puppy vs Jack “The Young Cat” Black”

  1. shortii12341 says:

    Cat ” I’m not f***ing around!”
    Great Dane ” I can take ya! I can take ya!”
    Cat ” NO YOU CAN’T! Dude F*** off! I’m not playing!”
    Great Dane ” You know you want to play!”
    Cat ” Thats it now the claws are coming out!”
    Both “friends?”

  2. csfiol says:

    make more videos its so cute

  3. brutusntiny says:

    Aww this is really adorable! I’ve always had my Danes ears cropped, but this one is really cute! Brave cat, they must have grown up together.

  4. crazymusic161821 says:

    This is why I love Great Danes. They are just so goofy!

  5. maplestar330 says:

    Um this is just a thought but I couldn’t help but notice that that cat unstheathed it’s claws and it could have easly grabb hold of the digs eyes and riped them out. I’m just saying :/

  6. choivonn says:


  7. choks87 says:

    I thought only my great dane and my cat look like this when playing!

  8. kayrenee8 says:

    Thats what my cat and gog look like!

  9. jamie151994 says:

    i got a great dane today

  10. ThisisFil says:

    So cute! I have a black cat and was considering a dog! This video makes me want to go through with it! I can just imagine how many cute hours of fun they will have together! Please post some more videos as the puppy grows! I really want to see what the relationship will become! haha. Thanks for sharing!

  11. GuntherMissy says:

    That’s so cute!!!

  12. Dogfoodsa says:

    Dont mind me, I’m just going to casually hit you in the head a few times.

  13. AshleyLecksi says:

    lol. Omg i have a 5 month old great dane puppy, weighs 92 lbs and this is exactly how it is with my kitten and him btw my puppies name is Jack (:

  14. Marzzipan50 says:

    i want a great dane so bad!

  15. brittol12 says:

    the clowns and kings of dogs

  16. MelieFierce1 says:

    So Cute :)

  17. profesortutka says:

    sweet :) )))

  18. becrazed says:

    cats always take the moral high ground dont they! :P

  19. angelsburningbright says:

    nature at it’s funniest

  20. minime5544 says:

    That is sooo cute I got a good laugh!

  21. femmepen says:

    Crazy. I have a grown black dane with a white chest mark and a black cat, as well. They are the very best of friends now.

  22. Rainkya says:

    Lol little does the cat know the monster giant that puppy will become lol^^ both are really cute though

  23. bridged52 says:

    That looks and sounds just like my 3 month old dane, Stella. Acts just like her too. Whenever she cant get what she wants, she chews on something else, like the couch.

  24. ArchDandy1134 says:

    that 3 month old pup is as big as my 2 year old black gsd.

  25. sk84lyfe91 says:

    haha thats hilarious how the dog jumps when the cat swings at him

  26. Donutluvah says:

    whats the code for the invisibility cloak? and btw nice remix :)

  27. Tannerizsinging says:

    Just go back to the menu of the game.

  28. catboyfilms2 says:

    how you get him back to normal

  29. carmanino says:

    nyan step

  30. Tannerizsinging says:

    I got alot from the creator of the game

  31. amethystrose98 says:

    How is it possible to get those cheat codes for the game?

  32. iamdarkyoshi says:

    2 people use internet explorer

  33. Tannerizsinging says:

    you just click on the game and type it. there is no box to type it into

  34. ollieperron says:

    where do i type the code ?

  35. lalaclawd4eva says:

    @evanazorsky thanks. i mOBSESSED WITH NYAN CATRELATED STUFF!!!

  36. evanazorsky says:

    Just type in what the white letters say when they pop up.

  37. lalaclawd4eva says:

    give us the secrets please….

  38. cittykat202 says:

    tac nayn dat what i want

  39. 22222yama says:

    Glad I play this game!


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    Oh really.

  41. N00bALiZA says:

    Most random tags ever

  42. MrNorge9 says:

    thumbs upp for tags!

  43. iamdarkyoshi says:


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