Mindless Behavior love story *Bring me to life* Chapter 8

I just realized something…… This could be acted out like a play or movie, its writen in the form of a script. So Mindless Behavior, if you ever see this I have one question. Wanna make a movie!!! Chapter 8 Roc’s POV Roc- What you wanna do? Anna- I don’t know I think everyone els went home or something so, now its just you and me.. Roc- I’m getting kinda bored at the mall want to go somewhere different. Anna- Sure, where to. Roc- My place. Anna- I don’t think you parents will want a girl they never met in their house. Roc- True, true. Anna- We could go see a movie. Roc- Sounds good. We could go see it at the AMC 24. Anna- Okay. What do you want to see. Roc- We could go see The Help. It’s supposed to be really funny. Anna- You think. My friend told me it was sorta sad. But uh yeah lets go see it. (They walk to the AMC 24 or movie theater) Anna- I wonder why its not that busy. Roc- Might be because it’s a Monday night. Anna- Oh yeah I forgot. It feels like Friday. Roc- I know. I wish it was. Anna- We are next. ( Walks up to guy at the booth) Roc- Two tickets to The Help. (Guy hands him the tickets) Roc- Thanks. Guy- Enjoy the show. (Walks in to the theater finds seats) Anna- I don’t like how those girls are looking at us. Roc- (To the girls) What yall lookin at?? (Girls turn around) Roc- Some people are so rude. Anna- We live in America. People here are rude. Roc- I guess. ( Watch movie) Princeton’s POV (Pulls phone from pocket and texts Olivia) TEXT: Hey Olivia’s TEXT

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