Milk & Cookies

An innocent looking kitten, one cookie jar, a story about a owners cat who loves cookies. Owner walks into the room getting ready to go out but before hand warns his cat to stay off the cookie jar in the kitchen Obviously the cat does not listen to his owner and wanders into the kitchen to find the jar high up on the fridge out of reach. Thats how the story begins how the cat can get to the cookie jar. This has taken me a year to make from scratch to the finishing product.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

4 Responses to “Milk & Cookies”

  1. jeremymarika says:

    Awesome´╗┐ animation!! And Oscar quality acting too!

  2. CatsFarerRodas1294 says:

    When you want to end up alone, cats are good at that, also

  3. Bervigon says:

    Now i am hugely allergic in order to cats and dog saliva. In seconds of experience of a cat home, I start off splitting outside in cities, my personal eyes get bigger turn and also my guitar neck finalizes.

  4. CatsTuesday1087Mom says:

    The most efficient point we’ve got tried using is utilizing constructive reinforcement

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