Meet Thelma, This Kitten Needs A Home!

This is Thelma who was found living on the edges of a condo development among some boulders during the winter. She and her 3 sisters and brother were barely hanging on when Lots of Love Cat Resue out of Wilmington Ma rescued them. They have sinced been spayed/neutered and given all the medical treatment they needed. Now they are being socialized so they can be adopted into loving forever homes. In this video she is playing with our cats. Eli is the orange boy and Bongo is the ginger and white cat . Even Mr. Muggles is in the room off camera. If you are interested in adopting or making a donation please contact: www.lolcr.or PO Box 396 Wilm9ington Ma 01887 781-850-6684
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25 Responses to “Meet Thelma, This Kitten Needs A Home!”

  1. beekalmer says:

    We won’t stop until she does get it.

  2. beekalmer says:

    Yes, she will! We are with you too on your campaign to help black cats and dogs get adopted.

  3. beekalmer says:

    We are doing a lot of work to socialize Thelma in order to get her ready for adoption. She is making great strides almost daily.

  4. childrensbooks4u says:

    I hope this tale will have a happy ending. Thelma is so adorable.

  5. ShortyTheCat2010 says:

    Excellent vid and great story, Thelma will make someone very happy

  6. sandrateager says:

    Aww  What an adorable baby! ♥
    I really hope she gets her happy ending! =)

  7. beekalmer says:

    Memorizing, is has got a hold on me.

  8. beekalmer says:

    Oh yes the tail toy, comes complete with a full cat attached.

  9. beekalmer says:

    We are lucky to have this lot in life. Thelma is going to make some family very happy.  We are loving her as much as possible until she finds her new family, one of the best jobs in the world.

  10. silverpoint16 says:

    Oh Thelma is so adorable. Those big eyes of eyes just suck you right in.

  11. jennifergwaine says:

    I LOVE her!!! She reminds me of Storm! She’s even playing with one of his favorite toys – that exact same tail toy! That part at 0:42 is like seeing Pum’kin and Storm. Oh, I wish I could take her – I just fell in love. I hope she finds a forever home very soon.

  12. celinne700 says:

    Kudos to the Cat Angels who rescued the family and to you for helping to find Thelma a home. Thank you all so much for living the pure unconditional love of Spirit with your actions.
    Thelma is such a beauty with a lively intelligence. I have no doubt that anyone who adopts this little girl will find a new light and joy illuminating their home. Look at the energy in those eyes…amazing.

  13. beekalmer says:

    Those other cats are ours. Eli is the orange boy and Bongo is the ginger and white cat. Thelma adores them. Even Mr. Muggles was in the room somewhere. Her siblings are at other foster homes. Right now Thelma loves the cats more than she does us but slowly but surely we are socializing her.

  14. beekalmer says:


  15. Suzan4B says:

    Thelma and her sibs are so happy healthy and ready for a home to call their own!!! Thank you for all the kind workers at the Rescue who do God’s work through animal rescue. Sweet tail…I know you will find a happy ending in your forever home(sibs too!)

  16. beekalmer says:

    No worries, I don’t think she likes to fly anyway.

  17. beekalmer says:

    Your are welcome!

  18. beekalmer says:

    Lots of Love Cat Rescue deserves all the thanks.

  19. beekalmer says:

    we think so to. It is just a shame how many people don’t spay and neuter their cats, putting poor Thelma in this situation to begin with.

  20. RockyBDemilleFan says:

    Oh man … I better not let Jake see this! I can’t afford an addition right now [let alone the airfare to fly beautiful Thelma out to the Emerald City] … let us know when she finds a home, won’t you? =o)

  21. FunnyAccent1 says:

    I have the feeling she will be in a good loving home,soon. Good luck, little Thelma. to you and your siblings. And thanks to beekalmer for introducing this angel to us..

  22. ashleypurrs says:

    What a great video of this precious little darling! I hope someone adopts her soon. You are amazing, and amazing for helping sweet Thelma find her home. <3

  23. KCKILLERCAT says:

    Shew is soo cute . A grey Tabby .. To die for .. I’m sure you find a home in no time .. Good luck little sweet-heart .

  24. beekalmer says:

    Actually her sister’s name is Louise. She is staying with a different foster family. We have hidden the car keys.

  25. beekalmer says:

    I promise I will keep us updated on Thelma and her siblings. It is that deserves all the thanks.

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