Marshmallow Kitten Development at 3 Weeks Old

Marshmallow has just passed the 3-week-old mark. Compared to a life of around-the-clock suckling, sleeping, and worming around at age 2 weeks, newborn kitten Marshmallow has developed new moves. She first practiced holding her head steady, fixating her teardrop eyes on you. Marshy then became able to rest her tushy in a sit position. After that, she started standing on all fours, quickly building up the strength in her limbs to start walking. At the same time, Marshy began to learn from mama Mochi the art of self-grooming. On a couple of instances, it appears as though Marshy was sucking on her own “thumb” while sleeping. Super cute. Marshmallow is also becoming more and more comfortable spending time outside the nest box. As Marshy has grown and developed, mama Mochi has also developed stronger maternal instincts, becoming more responsive to her kitten’s needs. One special treat that we’ve noticed is that when Marshy suckles with all her might, her ears tend to flap like wings. Just precious she is. More pictures at:
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27 Responses to “Marshmallow Kitten Development at 3 Weeks Old”

  1. MineCraftersXtra says:


  2. kesenet06 says:

    You have such lovely cats and an adorable kitten. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. RaNdOm07482 says:

    =3 soo cuute!!!!

  4. sweetpnai123 says:

    Remembering when our cat was a cute kitten like this makes me happy. I just really miss him ever since he ran away.

  5. Ruby120294 says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. PetCare111 says:

    1:33 Nom Nom Nom! <3

  7. PetCare111 says:

    Aaawww! So so so cute! <3

  8. jarajara says:

    SO adorable!! Please upload more videos!

  9. CynkusioPluszowySzal says:

    oh soooo sweettt:-)))

  10. xxBRoWNeeXX says:

    1:23-1:43 is the most precious, sweetest, cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  11. BongWaterProduction says:

    marshy has jumbo pillow’s derp eye

  12. retnonindya says:

    The cuteness level is… Unbearable ;____; Especially when Marshmallow roaming around AND WITH THAT LITTLE TAIL! THAT OMAGASH-I-WANT-TO-PINCH-IT TAIL! KITTEN, Y U SO CUTE?

  13. AnimeLady501 says:

    1:45 I am now clean! Time to make my grand escape!

  14. 03212580551 says:

    w8, so marshmallow is mochi n jumbo pillow’s daughter???

  15. MsLionnew says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Mochi!!! we share the same bday, i hope to be a sweet mama like u ; )..

  16. parisianpierrot says:

    Just too sweet for words. I love watching mama cats washing their babies, they look so aggressive! Also, it is supremely awesome when Mochi tries to bat at her tail :3

  17. xena91802 says:

    the never ending cuteness:)

  18. xena91802 says:

    aww they’re so cute i wish i have kittens as cute as the them<3

  19. OkamiGekigami says:

    Oh crud, the cuteness does not compute. IT JUST DOESN’T COMPUTE.

  20. TheKawaiiLps says:

    Aww :) so cute

  21. michita2006 says:

    Awww Dear Mochi your furbaby is absolutely cutest, Michita and I love you and love Marshmallow too.

  22. ddcatcool says:

    o my gosh. that is sooo cute. its like the size of my bunny

  23. Cherrioso222 says:

    So wonderfully cute!!!!

  24. Wardah511 says:

    Do uncle Cooper and uncle Pancake like their little “niece”? =P

  25. 243tjay says:

    Now i can die in peace after seeing this cutie cutness of all of the cutnesses out there in Cutness Island XD

  26. KittensitEmon says:

    this cats and kittens will certainly take in the rabbit

  27. KittensDiaryNazeeha says:

    your own pet Sabian is so beautiful

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