Making super healthy cat (kitteh) food

Yes my cats eat well, I give them greens, and fresh meat and added nutrients. They would get this in nature. But they are sedentary inside cats. They don’t get enough, and I want them to live with me healthy as long as possible. Since I took the responsibility to take care of them. They are like my kids.
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  1. InOurRoots says:


  2. alyssa adams says:

    you are so sweet, thanks for the tips, my cats appreciate :) they were on a kit n kaboodle and whatever i eat diet, i didnt realize i was harming them, i just wanna make them happy:) but when they are healthy, they are more happy than ever, and so am i!

  3. MoncaAhwen says:

    Cats are carnivores they don’t need greens…their essential nutrients are taurine, vitamin e, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B’s, etc.

  4. jbooks888 says:

    Cats need taurine – an absolute must!

  5. snasty99 says:

    lol me too. you are not alone! XD

  6. isakuraXkotami says:

    I love how you take care of your cats :D thank you so much, my cat is 13 years, he dont like veggies and stuff but love fish xD hehe <3

  7. combat246 says:

    That cat eats better than I do.

  8. redman25ism says:

    u are a beautiful lady

  9. RealJungleMan says:

    I love this, thank you, I truly appreciate you being so loving to your babies

  10. Gatman1202 says:

    um i dont want this to be creepy, but i dont own a cat nd i watched this all the way through….yea um lol

  11. ShaneSchomburg says:

    once a cat at work was eating onions, i thought that was hardcore, i have 3 cats and my big beast of a cat is the only one who watches me workout lol.

  12. newfful says:

    Thanx for the info. I’m wanting to get my fat cats on a diet. Just bought a really good dry food called Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul. It doesn’t have all the carbs and stuff they put in most dry cat foods. Been thinking of also making them something that’s healthy and good for them. I will have to try this out.

  13. khalilahinjapan says:

    thanx for this vid. i appreciate it :)

  14. CookWithApril says:

    Thank you so much for this video! How sweet your cat watches you cook! 

  15. HeartofaLion1993 says:

    Nice! But i suggest you don’t feed them anything commercial! especially dry kibble!

    Very nice though, I love how much you take care of your cats :D (just throw out the kibble!)

  16. izanmarvel says:

    I see you too mix well in the kitchen as in the Club,
    marry me Jenni we would be all day mixing tracks, ingredients, and more things… ;D

  17. MsSylence says:

    Cats cant benefit from protein from vegetable. Which is also one of the reasons dry food is so bad for them.

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