Loyal Mommy’s New Litter 11/12/11 @21:42 $100 Well Husbanded w/Shots!

We Were Born In San Diego On 11/12/11 @ 21:42 And We Be On Sale Starting 12/17/11! Indoor Domestic Kittens WithNatural Bobbed Tails & Thick Plush Fur Some Have Long Tails With Shorter Hair. . .You Choose. We Have Been Loved And Husbanded With Purrrfect Attention To Detail! Daddy Made Certain That We Had A Secondary Source Of Food From A Very Early Age Of 23 Day Old, So That We Could Be Independent! We Always Had Two Mommy’s From Birth, So That We Could Be Confident! Each Kitten Has Been: 1. Hand Fed. 2. Dewormed. 3. Ear Mite Prevention Drops With The Lambert Kay Ear-Rite Miticide For Kittens. 4. Flea Dipped And Bathed. 5. 1st Shots Given, Schering Plough: Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia Vaccine. 6. Professionally Trained With A Spray Bottle For Following “No” And Other Directions. 7. E-Mailed Certificate Of Live Birth. The Complete Record For Your Baby In One Place. Your Baby’s Receipt For Purchase, Shot Records, Medical/Legal References, Pictures At Time Of Purchase, Paw Print, Day Of Eyes Opening, Other Events. All In One Permanent File…It’s Ready Now…I’ve Prepared It For You ;-) ) 8. Microchiped In Front Of You Upon Request (+.00) With The “Home Again” Microchip Identification System. Then We Register Together For Free With The County Of San Diego Animal Control. 9. Litter Box Trained. 10. Claw Box & Laser Tag Trained (With And Without Catnip ;-) )) How Can I Do All This Stuff? Simple…I’m A Retired Nurse. If This Is Your Kitten…You Already Know It
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Trying to be the good, responsible pet owner and use flea prevention regularly. But what does it get me? It gets me that “I will kill you in your sleep” glare for the rest of the day. Sorry, Abby. **Abby is a siamese mix, rescued from the home of a suspected cat hoarder. Her and her three remaining siblings were inside with over 15 other siamese cats of varying age from newborn to adult ,and even more pregnant females. Dozens more cats and kittens roamed just outside and all about the property. She was rescuded at 4 months of age, but was the size and the weight of a 4 week old kitten. Under nurished, riddled with fleas, worms and mites and suffering with eye, ear and respiratory infections , severely underweight, anemic and dehydrated, she was fighting for her life. Her siblings lost that fight but she was determined to live. After weeks of multiple medications, surgery to remove deformed toes and claws that had grown into the pads of her front feet and lots and lots of TLC, she defied the odds. Now over a year old she is like any other happy cat, living the good life with a stable home, being spoiled rotten and loving life.

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