Loudest Purr, Cutest Kitty!

Shorty kneading a slipper and purring like a chainsaw
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  1. mindy573 says:

    Kneading is normal for any cat, no matter if it was weaned too early or not. Suckling is a result of being removed from mom too early, though. I took my cats home from their foster home, where their mom was still living, at 8 weeks old. They were fully weaned by mom and neither has ever suckled. They both knead, though. My cousin’s cat was dumped at a shelter at 4 weeks old and he suckles on the rug. He’s about 5 and he still suckles.

  2. deadkrow says:

    Makin bisquits.

  3. prosniper58 says:

    oh shit, there’s a lion in your house!

  4. TheIndieKitten says:

    I lol’d so hard.

  5. JellyKitten says:

    Could be that when shorty was taken to the shelter that she came there too young and or mommy was gone or passed and that’s why it was brought in too young.

  6. L4nd0C4lr1s14n says:

    Vas it made of good old fashioned steel? ;) Skyrim

  7. RsoDsgdwvms says:

    My cat kneads too and he was like 1 month or older when he got away from his mom

  8. crystaliia says:

    i love it when kittens knead ,especially on my face ,it’s like massaging and their claws aren’t that sharp so it doesn’t really hurt ………..

  9. tongeli says:

    I agree! All of our cats have kneaded (do you spel it like that ahhaha??) for years and even kittens with their mommies do it :) I think that it’s a “reflex” that comes with a “good feeling” … theories theories :)

  10. AngelDKrii says:

    My cat was with his mom until he was 2 months old and he still kneads so idk about that one. I dont think people really know why cats knead. Just theories. :)

  11. bizling says:

    My short hair female does the same thing, she must be 6 years old now! She did it when I found her, jumped out of a bush and has never left!

    Love cat purring :)

  12. IThinkItsForYou says:

    I think the slipper reminds her of feeding from her mother. sweet

  13. TheNightcoreManiac says:

    Oh sorry I didn’t mea it as an offence, I didn’tmean like you are an actual dumb ass, I just meant playfully soz <:)

  14. TeamCobden says:

    My cats like fleece blankets and pyjamas.

  15. TeamCobden says:

    Excuse me there is no need for that kind of attitude. :(

  16. bwetatawr badfewag says:

    My cat loves doing this especially with the sheep texture blankets!

  17. TheNightcoreManiac says:

    It’s called paddy pooring dumb ass, it’s to show that they’re happy!

  18. MeOnYT says:

    Wrong - old wives tale.

  19. x15stitches says:

    I don’t think it’s ‘only’ cats who are weaned too early who do this. I’ve had cats that were over 2 months old when I got them do the same.

  20. Cgracek1120 says:

    this is true.

  21. lilithmarleen says:

    So cute :) My youngest kitty, Zita, also kneads and suckles, but on her kitty blanket. She has always done it, but she’s over 4 years old now and still does it practically on a daily basis! But she has to have someone underneath the blanket, usually my mom, otherwise she won’t do it :P Check her out on my videos ^.^

  22. TeamCobden says:

    Now that is strange. lol

  23. ShortyTheCat2010 says:

    I didn’t know that, but it’s interesting because I adopted Shorty when she was 2 months old and she had already been at the shelter for some time and she loves kneading, whereas Kodi was still with his mom and 2 siblings when I adopted him from the shelter at 10 weeks and he doesn’t knead at all.

  24. TeamCobden says:

    Did you know fact. Only kittens who have been taken away from there mothers too soon (before 6 weeks old) knead and suckle.
    My youngest was aprox 4weeks old when i found him and he used to do it,sometime still does and hes 4 now. while my older cat was 6 weeks and she has never done it. Strange. :)

  25. etfreakazoid says:

    This makes me proud cause my cat always does it to me :3

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