Little Willie John – Leave My Kitten Alone

William Edward John was born William Edward John in Cullendale, Arkansas but his family moved to Detroit, Michigan when he was four. This led to a recording contract with King Records and a string of R&B hits beginning with the soulful “All around the World” (1955) and including “I’m Shakin’” by Rudy Toombs,[2] “Suffering With The Blues”, “Need Your Love So Bad”, “Sleep” (1960) (Pop #13). His biggest hit “Fever” (1956) (Pop #24) was even more famously covered by Peggy Lee in 1958. Another song, “Talk To Me” recorded in 1958, reached #5 in the R&B chart and #20 in the pop chart. A few years later it was a hit once again by Sunny And The Sunglows. In all, John made the Billboard Top 100 a total of 14 times. A cover version of “I Need Your Love So Bad” by the original Fleetwood Mac group was also a big hit in Europe. Another one of his songs to be covered was “Leave My Kitten Alone,” (1959). The Beatles recorded a version in 1964, intended for their “Beatles For Sale” album, but it went unreleased until 1995.

24 Responses to “Little Willie John – Leave My Kitten Alone”

  1. Fredrockroll says:

    Beatles brought me here… and Little Willie John made me stay.

  2. bouffelacassette says:


  3. redredshoes says:


  4. carlrock456 says:

    this is a great vintage song…getting back to the roots …beatle’s version as great …lets not compare …causes friction and hatred…appreciate and enjoy all….were losing them…new generation has not a clue ….who will now carry the torch…if it wasn’t for the beatle’s and stones etc etc ….these great artist’s would have been swept under te rug decades ago… many thanks for posting…I would have never heard this awesome version…ny

  5. Khultan says:


  6. maups2 says:

    hey , i love this track, thanks

    the new group made up of oasis members, called ‘beady eye’ definitely ripped off this track on their song called ‘beatles and stones’

  7. stupidscrewedseries says:

    both versions are great ^-^ BAM- simple as that.

  8. virtualrabbi says:

    Check out the new Little Willie John bio by Susan Whitall (ex-Creem magazine) with Kevin John (Willie’s son). It’s entitled FEVER. You’ll have to google it—they don’t let me post a link …

  9. percypage74 says:

    I’m afraid you got the wrong band, you ignorant racist son of a diseased whore. The early Stones fits your perverse version of history. The Beatles started on skiffle, wrote Buddy Holly & Everly Bros type songs early, then branched into psychedelia and harder rock later. You clearly do not represent BLACK people with your obsolete campaign- you are half the reason there is still racism (KKK followers the other). You are the reason a nonracist person would ever say the word nigger.

  10. Screamingdk says:

    Wake de fuck up the beatles were white boys who discovered blk music and nothing more. White people liked them cuz they weren’t blk.White people continue to pigback off of blk artrist then they act like they created the music. You need to stop the goddam lies and bullshit. This man was the real deal,not a copy PIG BOY!

  11. percypage74 says:

    No, don’t put words in Lennon’s dead mouth. The Beatles were still in their fun ‘live’ period and their take is great. Having said that, I think this original is just a notch above. You just sound like the typical 60-70 year old Beatles hater. Get over it … they were great

  12. kjohn0258 says:

    Check out the soon to be released (June 2011) LWJ biography on Titan/Random House books! See Face Book page Fever: Little Willie John’s Fast Life and Mysterious Death … Or the Titan Book web site

  13. alframseysrevenge says:


  14. eoj2495 says:

    thanks for putting this great song up for us!!!!!

  15. GrigoriZhukov says:

    I would have to disagree. 8^)

  16. pullbackbaby says:

    Best stumble in weeks. Love it!

  17. BrainBuster247 says:

    And to get the facts straight your the one whos mad because your sisters a whore and all of your videos have more dislikes then likes,you unsuccesful troll.

  18. BrainBuster247 says:

    @justinquaker and your retarded since you think the statue in that park that you say is your backyard which is not dumbass was made by Michelangelo when it was made by Alexandros of Antioch get your facts straight dumbass.

  19. BrainBuster247 says:

    @justinquaker why would I be mad jackass.

  20. BrainBuster247 says:

    @justinquaker Who cares about someone like you and your Statue you claim to have in your backyard was sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch not Michelangelo DUMBASS!!!

  21. hantori says:

    The beatles is rubbish compared to this, even John would admit that

  22. sunriseRISE says:

    the beatles take is far better

  23. Ginama says:

    One person is an ugly bull dog.

  24. walt7500 says:

    Johnny Preston does a very nice version to!

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