Little Cute Baby Kittens! (About 1 week old)

So one day, one of our outside cats, Helio, had a bloody-back side, and we knew that she was pregnant, so we weren’t sure what happened. Then a few days ago she brought the two babies into that box, where they’ve been ever since. We put the towel in there for them. ;) They haven’t opened their eyes yet, and their ears are really tiny. We believe that the smaller, lighter fur kitten is a girl, and the bigger dark fur kitten is a boy. WE NEED NAMES FOR THEM! In the comments, write a name we should give to each of them! Music: Brainstorm by Arctic Monkeys
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Milena has this new kitten… the only trouble is that I hear it will turn into a cat someday. It’s black and was born during a full moon. The previous owner names it Luna… which is fine since that is moon in Russian…
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15 Responses to “Little Cute Baby Kittens! (About 1 week old)”

  1. xxxtristaxxxx says:

    boy: buster, otis, rusty, rocky, max.
    girl: augie, lucy, tess, lola, lily, dixie, bailey, sophie, misty.
    p.s. your kittens are adorableee :)

  2. MrReaper9 says:

    =D I’m liking Mr. Sparkles and Khloe alot. ^_^

  3. g8rlady999 says:

    Mr. Sparkles & Mr. Bojangles for boys and Katja & Khloe for girls

  4. mariz2209 says:

    give me one brother..

  5. mariz2209 says:

    give me one brother..

  6. awol112390 says:


  7. NotoriousRID94 says:

    ur cats gonna get used to biting the shit out of u and later it wont be so funny

  8. MilaMalicious says:


  9. katyasha29 says:

    I have a black kitty of my own her name is Washu Mookie

  10. MartyHITD says:

    how come he doesnt use it now

  11. CheeseMoe13 says:

    You do realise this was Logan from TigerDirect’s Channel!

  12. razethew0rld says:

    that is cool… that is why we named her that… wife grew up in russia and Luna is moon there too.

  13. midnightsparkle says:

    Luna is also moon in Spanish… my black kitten is also called that :)

  14. 3DMacDaddy says:

    thats the cutest cat i have ever seen

  15. luverofmanga says:

    CUTE! i remember when my cat was that samall!

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