Lion Meat Tacos – FOR SALE !!

*UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who phoned, e-mailed and signed the petition, the restaurant owner as decided to not serve lion meat tacos!! SUCCESS!! :) First there were LION BURGERS, now we have LION TACOS, this abuse as to stop! An Arizona restaurant known for serving tacos made from exotic meats is taking advanced orders for a particularly rare delicacy – LION MEAT !! Boca Tacos y Tequila, a Tucson Tex-Mex restaurant plans to put lion on its menu for one night only February 16th, provided enough diners express interest in chowing down on the big cat. WAYS TO HELP STOP THIS… Please send an email or call the FDA to let them know that regulations should be passed prohibiting “threatened” species from being served as food products. FDA email: FDA phone: (949) 608-3530 Arizona Consumer Complaint Coordinator SIGN THE PETITION HERE: JOIN THE “Stop Boca Tacos y Tequila from serving lion meat” Facebook page: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK GOOGLE+: TWITTER: DONATE: BIG CAT SHOP: THANK YOU!
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25 Responses to “Lion Meat Tacos – FOR SALE !!”

  1. MissCaityBC says:

    Who the hell would eat lion meat?

    It’s one thing to eat elk or snake, but a carnivorous mammal that has actual intelligence?

  2. IrShuffleIrl says:

    This video makes me very angry. Hearing this makes me want to go to Arizona and find this restaurant owner, skin him and put his meat into a taco. This is 100% WRONG and this person should be sued for contributing to Lion and Tiger extinction.

  3. kookaburra1701 says:

    I would think there’d be major health code problems too with getting large carnivore meat. I mean, who knows what the animals that ended up in the meat grinder had been fed previously, or what sort of vaccinations/antibiotics/what have you they’d been given. (Many are banned from being given to animals that are to be slaughtered for food.)

  4. MriBackup says:

    I wonder why this is legal

  5. MriBackup says:

    What about kangaroo? Can I eat that

  6. boxofwillard56 says:

    absolutely no reason to bring race into it.

  7. GrandpaStickers says:

    I’m honestly surprised that there aren’t super-strict laws about not eating endangered species. That just seems like something that would come from common sense. I really hope something is done about this kinds of thing. I want big cats to be around for as long as possible*.

    *Not in taco form.

  8. africaman says:

    You’re wrong, BOCA is not not Tex-Mex.

  9. PunkStar6661 says:

    Great analogy. You’re really ignorant. The reality is that America is screwing itself over because a good majority of Americans are greedy and stupid like you. Oh and easily influenced by the media. You just say shit without even knowing the full details.Stupid people come in all ethnicity’s. And fyi the majority of the immigrants are harder workers then us Americans, they don’t mind busting their ass for shit pay. Oh and the big ppl on top are the ones who screwed America over.

  10. GodsGiftGrower says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me I mean it is these Fuckin Mexicans bringing the USA to the shit whole it became today…. sending our American dollars to Mexico… and the Mexicans bitch about taxes minimum wage and gas prices its the beaners fault

  11. westsideCAMERAMAN says:

    fucking mexicans jkjkjk im mexican 2 :D

  12. deepwater1974 says:

    There was a wild game meat shop near my house, everyone thought it was stuff like deer and elk and stuff like that being sold there. Someone found out they were attempting to sell lion meat. They were shutdown but to make sure it was permanent, a few days later someone burned it down which I think was the right thing to do. But hey, thats me.

  13. randomguyodst46 says:

    who ever eats big cat tacos your a sicko.

  14. BlackRockShooter789 says:

    Im glad they didn’t serve these tacos! Lions are already near endangerment, and we dont want these beautiful cats to be extinct!

  15. castilloel19 says:

    If u make human meat tacos they would stop u from selling it but not lion meat tacos stupid white people don’t care about wildlife

  16. whitetiger769 says:

    ok sorry

  17. BigCatRescue says:

    No, once the animal has been skinned you really can’t tell the difference…..

  18. whitetiger769 says:

    dont lions have a bigger snout than tigers if so u can kinda tell the difference from a skined lion or tiger

  19. Warriorwolfivy says:

    That is DISGUSTING!
    Who in their right mind would eat a lion taco!?

  20. Savetheturtles80 says:


  21. seadawg2k says:

    i hope a lion eats you… naturally.

  22. Riotnz says:

    Don’t see the difference between eating this and any other animal. I’d try one. It is our responsibility to eat exotic animals before they go extinct so we can tell future generations what they taste like.

  23. altarush says:

    I heard that when a man eater is killed, the natives eat the maneater in revenge.

  24. Beethovenfan12 says:

    ~I hear ya. Don’t necessarily agree, but I hear ya.

  25. Raqwaza17 says:

    Where’s that manager live. I’ll BITCHSLAP THE FRAG

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