Lights of Love 2008: Jenny Honors Athena 2

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Lights of Love 2008: Jenny Honors Athena 2
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Like most kittens, Athena adores playing, cuddling and making mischief. Like so many kittens, she was born outside and learned quickly that she had to fend for herself. Unfortunately, one spring day she was hit by a car. A kind person found her lying next to some garbage cans in an alley. She was not using her rear legs. She arrived at Tree House in a state of shock, shaking uncontrollably and in a lot of pain. Our veterinarians knew she had sustained serious trauma to the spine. We knew that in order to survive, this little feline would need all the strength she could muster so we named her Athena, after the Greek Goddess of heroic endeavor. Athena bravely endured complicated spinal surgery with and is currently undergoing physical therapy. While she still has not regained the use of her back legs, the surgery allowed her injuries to heal and there is still some hope that she may regain at least some of the movement in her legs. Athena, like many of our other special needs cats, inspires people every day with her bravery and resilience.

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