Let’s Play Sushi Cat 2 (2)

While this game is very fun and simple, the limited control makes the only real hard level in the game extremely frustrating. And by that I mean I lose one of these levels like 5 times. The last costume is the dog antagonist (for 60 gold shushis). Play Sushi Cat 2 by Armor Games: armorgames.com

14 Responses to “Let’s Play Sushi Cat 2 (2)”

  1. moshimonstersrulez says:

    03:25 ouch!

  2. SirTapTap says:

    @mandylynn0408 Well step around back and tell him he’s awesome. Like, right now.

  3. mandylynn0408 says:

    i know the person who made susi cat cat he lives behind me im not kidding

  4. DarkNintendo2000 says:

    The Elephant costume is a reference to the elephant from This is the only level 1 and 2, Elephant quest, and Achievement unlocked 1 and 2

  5. SirTapTap says:

    @firetruckpolicecar Been thinking of doing one actually

  6. firetruckpolicecar says:

    U should have a blog : )!!!!!!!!

  7. starwarsman38 says:

    the last outfit is the dog

  8. ErwinGF says:

    dragon punch=falcon punch ripoff

  9. twinkieattack1 says:

    I don’t suppose anyone knows what the last outfit is. I can never get enough gold sushi to see it. But I love my Sushi Cat. I wanted to cry when his beloved purple plushy kitty was taken by the evil Bacon Dog.

  10. ndv123ndv says:

    Blogging would be good

  11. nicolasdesantafe says:

    blogging yeah! I would like to hear your opinions about politics and video games, you said you were studying informatics, this could be a good topic

  12. TheFallenGimpi says:

    I love this game series XD

  13. GiGiSl0 says:

    I actually watched though the both videos! Good one!

  14. CatsFlury1998Wisdom says:

    declawing may be the only efficient discouraging factor, especially if the kitty is definitely big calico

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