Ladybird Animal Sanctuary – Olive

The Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is a rescue based in Hamilton, Ontario Olive! Status Adopted Age: Young adult Arrival Date: May 11th, 2011 Adoption Date: November 11th, 2011 Species: Cat Gender: Spayed Female Likes: Playing, snuggling, laps, windows Dislikes: None as of yet Notes: Rescued from Hamilton Animal Control, currently in foster care. Initially shy, it only took Olive a couple of days to warm up to her foster family. Shes now enjoying being out of the shelter, and shes busy warming the hearts of all who meet her. She’s playful and inquisitive and loves her snuggle time. After being in foster care for a couple of months, it was discovered that Olive was limping and having trouble with her back legs. After a few trips to the vet, she was diagnosed with Bilateral Luxating Patellas, which means her knees were randomly popping out of joint. We found a wonderful vet to perform the surgery Olive required, and she came through the procedure with flying colours. After returning to her foster home over the next weeks Olive experienced a few more problems with her health and had to return to the vet for some additional procedures. During this process of caring for her, her foster family grew pretty attached to the lovely girl and decided to adopt her permantnely. We’re so happy that Olive has found a forever home with people that truly care for her.

3 Responses to “Ladybird Animal Sanctuary – Olive”

  1. CatscherGalvin says:

    My personal feline Copper never makes use of your scrape whatever upgrade on your pet. I also have never trimmed his claws in a really long time

  2. Ginoestr1556 says:

    This cat is simply managing the particular bonk far from its family. It would hop on a spead boat as well as plane for you to European union if this may.

  3. Mehraj1660 says:

    My up coming pet is usually a glow in the dark feline

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