kitty riding tortoise part2 ORIGINAL VIDEO

HAHAHAHAHA numba 2! changed the music back!

Cat ridin’ a Turtle
Video Rating: 4 / 5

53 Responses to “kitty riding tortoise part2 ORIGINAL VIDEO”

  1. hopfenkaltschale says:

    Master & Servant

  2. uikul99 says:

    they see me rollin they hatin

  3. sk8erboi342 says:

    lol did you put the cat on the turtle or something?

  4. stablematter says:

    thats funny

  5. wenchingc says:

    a free rider!

  6. MusiLinnniejj says:

    it’s soooooooooooooooo cute :3

  7. PandaNoNeko says:

    turtle express – the slowest in town! Ride now and youll get a free snake-ride :3

  8. festyosemtex says:

    The World is fucked.

  9. SheStandsInTheRain says:

    yaaay turtle express

  10. otolol says:

    “my favorite part is when the cat rode´╗┐ on the turtle”
    Why someone is thumbs uping this XD

  11. eybash says:

    @KnYurin troll or just stupid?

  12. KnYurin says:

    I don’t understand why all these people want thumbs up on a dumb ass comment.
    What does it accomplish?

  13. KnYurin says:

    @eybash Hack the like button and why?

  14. BlueBaboon481 says:

    Yeah, but all animals (and humans) are built to withstand occasional strain…especially the shell of a turtle…especially against a tiny kitten…and judging from the kitten’s expression, i doubt it’s something that happens often…most of all, it’s funny, and not really harmful.

  15. stephenwinkler says:

    I flagged this video, because the cat riding on the back of the turtle puts a stress on the turtle. Not only the weight of the cat, but after all, the cat is a predator. This is abuse of the turtle

  16. Marcab1stLeutenant says:

    The song ruins it.

  17. arzgania says:

    if they can get a kitty to carry a turtle I’ll be super impressed.

  18. Muffintop2k7 says:

    why did he run?! lmao!

  19. NielsJuhh1994 says:

    Grand Theft Turtle: Liberty Cat Stories

  20. BandofBrothers125 says:

    @inchikiAHO that part was cool, but the best part was when that one fuzzy thing rode that other thing with a shell

  21. XXtypenXX says:

    noob thumbed up comment -.-

  22. WalMartCompany says:

    @1234atrix Ride your bike

  23. bekzness says:

    @1234atrix This Car Is Hot As Hell by Ride Your Bike :)

  24. 1234atrix says:

    name of the song?? PLS FAST

  25. SeeWhatDuncanSees says:

    @inchikiAHO @eybash well…they’re both pretty good…but did u guys see the part when someone’s filmin the turtle and the cat, that was the best!!

  26. Livlena says:

    @skiewthax Easy dude, easy. Only because you don’t like it, we others might.

  27. skiewthax says:

    @Livlena please don’t do that i really hate his fucking spamming in the general youtube video shit.

  28. JoeysDoll666 says:

    one dislike? that must be the turtle!

  29. rawapple1 says:

    go turtle!

  30. LibertyBethh says:

    Made my day !x

  31. wickednicestuff says:

    my facorite cuteness!

  32. MrLegendz29 says:

    nice funny

  33. spudt44 says:

    0 dislikes, i love you cat riding turtle fan community <3

  34. Ekenssj says:

    @mcnasty102 well.. the cat is black…

  35. BosnaVolimte says:

    That’s a real gangster!

  36. QbzzCA says:


  37. SamRS94 says:

    my video…-_-

  38. 42mrwright says:

    Good you got your camera in time for that moment!

  39. timmeh1234 says:

    crunked out kitty

  40. Primetime4549 says:

    Needs more lightsaber.

  41. mmkonn says:

    hooooooooooooow cuuuuuuuuuuuute hahahaha

  42. mcnasty102 says:

    the cat looks like its actually looking around for the cops or something

  43. Olboen says:

    They see me rolling!

  44. Sanchezo953 says:

    that’s a fuckin real gangsta shit..

  45. MarkoSaran says:

    So fuckin’ cute catz0r!

  46. KevPowers1 says:

    @Livlena no.

  47. NYmikeFL says:

    this version is way better than the original

  48. shlokda says:

    @TanzbaerundSimon RWJ for sure

  49. immortal2night says:


  50. luvmybombingdevil says:

    XD Ridin’ turtley. Love it.

  51. KittensDaria1077Phat says:

    Those beers of compressed oxygen are wonderful also

  52. CatsoncoBriony says:

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  53. HighOrren says:

    With some other news, professionals with the Mayo clinic are usually giving kittens Supports

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