kitty riding tortoise part 2: THE SEQUEL

part 1:

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  1. pupatronay says:

    I think the uploader is confused, kitty doesn’t mean anything that’s cute XD

  2. bonafidesser says:

    The doggy seems too heavy for the turtle, not fair to overload it this way… The kitten was still very small so OK, but who knows how much weight can a turtle take ?

  3. AJBarr9801 says:

    the dogs like HOW AM I MOVING!!!!!!!!

  4. Enjonel says:

    Dog looks unhappy … My shah tzu doesn’t tuck it’s tail like that when he’s happy, only when sick or unhappy

  5. tenderheart17 says:

    Dog: ” I say old chap…can’t you go any faster?”
    Tortoise: ” Sorry Guv, higher speeds means higher prices”
    Dog: ” Surely that can’t be right! If you get me somewhere quicker, it should be cheaper”
    Tortoise: ” Look mate…if you don’t like the way I drive you can always get off an thumb
    down a passin’ snail!”
    Dog: ” Ugh…no thankyou!…*mumbles to self*
    Tortoise: ” Awright then shu’ up an’ ‘ANG ON!!”

  6. ProChoiceJesus says:

    I train & show dogs, both in obedience & conformation and am just madly curious; did you have your cute dog on a “stand – stay” on turtle’s back, or was he/she doing it more or less voluntarily?

  7. itroll2vent says:

    maybe the dog’s name is kitty…?

  8. ReNIX520 says:

    ummmmm… I do not believe you know your animals… that’s a dog… not a kitty

  9. Fatmouse25 says:

    Diddy Kong Racing!

  10. xXTHExSiMPLExLiFEXx says:


  11. PrincessGab10 says:

    this is sooooo adorableee!!
    thumbs up if u agree :)

  12. TimEddyHughes says:

    I rofled at the video as soon as i heard the diddy kong racing music

  13. mattg239 says:

    omg look at its face omg

  14. MrIceTOne says:

    the music is fantastic…xD

  15. MrIceTOne says:

    the music is fantanstic…xD

  16. WalMartCompany says:

    look at the speed there building up ! :O

  17. F1tsy says:

    @sixthcrusifix Maybe the dogs name is Kitty ;)

  18. sameagain says:

    Seriously, who thought this was a cat? The internet is awesome.

  19. joecollins1313 says:

    the dog definitely wiggles its eyebrows at the camera at about 1:01

  20. tripclaw says:

    aww, kitty!

  21. bazielb says:

    fuck you it’s dog

  22. HectorCaceres26 says:

    i love dogs and cats… and of course turtles



  24. mountain462 says:

    well….this is not part two. lol thanks for trying tho.

  25. WideAwakeAsleep says:

    They see me rollin’. They hatin’.

  26. SellShaunie126Kittens says:

    Since you received your own pet coming from a housing, The lord only is aware of what conditon your woman is at when they acquired the woman. Your woman might might need some added TLC to make her just a little more robust. Most definately try a brand-new med when your woman doesn’t solve.

  27. CharmsC4t5Jowita387 says:

    I actually notice a lots of the woods about our driveway have damage marks

  28. JamimastJamima2195 says:

    Bear in mind, kittens and cats are nice inside pictures however you usually are not truly meant to deliver them in. They may be barn creatures for catching these pests.

  29. SexyYun says:

    your kitten, Nick-the-Cat, looks frightened while heck

  30. RacingPaul1917Kittens says:

    by the way you will find there’s way to battle the actual horrid stench clean the particular litter box every day as well as change it out at least one time monthly

  31. Cats2157News says:

    my kitty Quit It at this point employs our cargo area as a scratching post

  32. Tory1769 says:

    Each of our cats love these catnip laced pressed paper scratch parts and never use the furniture to help sharpen their nails. Many of us have a few scuff pads in every area and substitute the actual cardboard inserts every month or two. These people work great.

  33. PurpleKittensPhaedra132 says:

    i will be acceptable having lap cat cats and kittens

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