Kitty Licks Milk Until the Last Drop

Nothing will stop this cute cat from getting to the bottom of the glass… not even the size of her head!
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27 Responses to “Kitty Licks Milk Until the Last Drop”

  1. sakiandraru says:


  2. fun1k says:

    OMG this is the cuttiest and the funniest thing i see today :) Thx

  3. pennjersey83 says:


    I’m sure a little milk wont hurt 99 percent of cats. I doubt this cat drank the entire glass it was probably the owners glass of milk.

  4. CombatArmsExperts says:

    thumbs up if yahoo took you here

  5. LoveEmHaters says:

    that’s what i call dedication.

  6. LOVE4evermongonever says:

    omg so cute!!!1!11!1!!!…..too bad milk’s bad for cats and too much will kill it. fucking idiots.

  7. mercanaries3 says:

    hahahah his head transformed into a worm

  8. aboodal3las says:

    this video tells me that the owner of this cat is sooo greedy !!! XD

  9. kwokshsee says:

    OMG! You are so cute!!!! :D

  10. iamashleynicole2010 says:

    what’s with cats and their obsession with drinking out of our glass?

  11. MistahAwesome says:

    I find it difficult to masturbate to this.

  12. cocinupi says:

    well, maybe the cat is just thirsty!

  13. IndoDPA204 says:

    cat’s head… o.O

  14. ncBlowfish says:

    @metalfaust19 Probably. You can find a list of bad stuff for cats on the internet. I think onions and beans are dangerous and even some berries.

  15. komoriaimi says:

    @metalfaust19 Yes, to most cats it causes diarrhea 

  16. ken1w says:

    Which is more important, milk or air? :)  Apparently, milk…

  17. CloudchaserShaconag says:

    That cat doesn’t need more milk! She needs intervention! Get her to a Milkaholics Anonymous meeting a.s.a.p.!

  18. XoDonutxBreyeroX says:

    My dogs do that with peanut butter jars.

  19. metalfaust19 says:

    @ncBlowfish Well that’s good to hear! My cat always threw up whenever he had milk or any dairy products, so I always figured it was bad for them in general, but I guess it depends a lot on the genetics.

  20. Irvvn says:

    this made my day

  21. naromi18 says:

    @metalfaust19 older cats mostly

  22. ncBlowfish says:

    @metalfaust19 I don’t think so. My cat wouldn’t have survived if she didn’t drink cow milk when she was a baby.

  23. metalfaust19 says:

    Adorable, but isn’t cow’s milk really unhealthy for cats? :(

  24. lozsm says:

    I didn’t think it was going to be able to get it’s head out! But hench neck muscles prove otherwise

  25. fezan84 says:


  26. KehindechosKehinde says:

    This particular pet is defined as managing the fuck clear of it is household. It might join a spead boat or maybe jet for you to The european countries whether it might.

  27. CatskikuChidinma says:

    we’ve got a couple of feral cats and kittens Jarred and also Little Mo which have trained

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