Kitty hunting mice with iPad

My friend’s kitty is helping out to beta test my new iPad game. It is specially designed for cat and the kitty seemed enjoy it alot.

25 Responses to “Kitty hunting mice with iPad”

  1. ani05tersrvip says:

    I suspect that they are like humans in that their use of their senses vary slightly for individuals. Some humans use their visual memory more than others, etc. Some cats like jingly toys – others like flickering silent toys like ribbon – some only like toys doused in smells.

  2. Warriorcats24 says:

    that cat is thinking

  3. WXYZROCKS says:

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  4. Oldsiren says:

    my calico does the same thing LOL

  5. Oldsiren says:

    what kind of cat is she?

  6. weapon2100 says:


  7. AriochStarr says:

    I feel so sorry for the cat, it’s like… she wants the mouse, but she can’t catch it, and she doesn’t know why… bless her sweet soul

  8. Bracerjack says:

    Agree…then I suppose in this way, the Cat is going after the mice merely because it is a sight intrigue, not because it think it is food.

    This makes sense as well.

  9. Chieri159 says:

    but cat’s go after lazers, so shouldnt it be by sight?

  10. HolderSilver says:

    Here is the answer you shmuk…:
    The cat doesn’t think this is mouse, she is just chasing it, like a ball ot twine and playing omg..

  11. RSintoMC says:

    wow. now i know how to make un aimbotter

  12. simon687q says:


  13. ndusty99 says:


  14. Chiimechoo says:

    The cat doesn’t scrape the screen because of the iPad’s glass and the protector.

  15. FrostiesFresh says:

    Dog eating pizza like a person !!??

  16. MrMrSilviu says:

    doesn’t the cat scrape the screen?

  17. xXTheInsaneRP2Xx says:

    Actually, Cats are more visual hunters, while dogs are more towards scent. Which is why cats usually are seen “boxing” with the TVs and looking outside at things. Dogs is very rare.

  18. extremesoutherngal says:

    I seriously doubt that the cat is harmed by a little floor dust…

  19. Bracerjack says:


  20. MrAzhrarn says:

    the reason cats usually don’t respond to the TV is also because the scan rate for the TV is to low for the cat to properly see. Humans don’t see transitions at 60Hz, the cat does, so they’re just slowly scrolling slides to the cat. The iPad probably has a much higher effective refresh, allowing the cat to see it move properly.

  21. BoMbMaNiAcIsInToWn says:

    the cats better than me :/ how ?

  22. Felizia says:

    Cantonese : )

  23. SuperShanearmstrong says:

    Wow, all you guys are fucking assholes…
    I liked the video haha.

  24. terminater72 says:

    Hes got a highscore of 999999999999999999999999991

  25. SpadeAce90 says:

    chong ching chong ching nong nong nip

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