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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Remember to like the video! Before the new update i decided to head back to the land of the dancing cats. What a jolly good time! DOWNLOAD HERE: LINKSSSS: Twitter: SHIRTS: More Techno Kitteh:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “KITTY COOKIE DANCE”

  1. BlurrSnipingTeam says:

    Mark Their Territory…

  2. belle1523 says:

    what do you mean they spray everywhere?

  3. belle1523 says:

    yes they do. is this the only vlog youve seen?

  4. MikeZucchini says:

    i want some SAAAAN chips!

  5. mquiroz90 says:

    Like the face 1:51 SAAN!

  6. KKK1212100 says:

    Shes part wild cat, shouldnt it be ok for her to eat it?

  7. iBlackadder says:

    That rap should be on itunes :D

  8. RiderLuca says:

    “Spider cat, spider cat… ” ahahah xD

  9. krystal48471 says:

    jaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaan is amazing (:

  10. krystal48471 says:

    lol <3

  11. cikDANCE says:

    Wawa! Do you live in philly?

  12. theonewithkaye says:

    Jasaaaan is hilarious! SUN CHIPS SAAAN!

  13. BlurrSnipingTeam says:

    Male Cats Spray Everywhere i had one.. i had 2 get it trained

  14. chubbychubby234 says:

    i want a free shirt

  15. D3aDlYSH0Tz says:

    8:10 its okay its protein

  16. JVJ994 says:


  17. nioport says:

    Go jason

  18. RenzleeDaBAMF says:

    Omg your brother Jason raps even better than Lil Wayne, actually Lil Wayne can’t rap for shit. Idk why these hyped kids praise Lil Wayne like he’s god, same with Drake when they both suck ass. Well Drake is a little better but still, they both suck. Jason nailed that rap!

  19. KittenHorror says:

    i can’t wait too see the video proposal :D

  20. canfield16 says:

    awww the cat is so cute! So playful

  21. Polska401 says:

    jeana i like you but stop fucking be a “sweet girl”. Jesse does the right thing and let nylah eat the bug. Its natural and stop screaming -.-

  22. Sun kist says:

    they will have change youtube name wife vs husband

  23. JanAshaIzzyMayaNinja says:

    a wadda fooke?

  24. Johnny Jones says:

    I said that comment before i watched the vid…..

  25. jeblart says:

    go jasaan go jasson go jasson

  26. hiddenbutt says:

    nova, the stars alligned last night, i got through the meat pack without dying once :3

  27. sakuracharml says:

    I want to marry your voice.

  28. ThePwnybrony32 says:

    It’s hurting my eyes! I LOVE IT!!!!

  29. Cosmaline says:


  30. Midnightoodle says:

    epic music!!

  31. Midnightoodle says:

    nova you should do voiceovers on tv also. you have a great voice! :)

  32. milliput101 says:

    0:25 – 2:05 CHANNEL CLASSIC ;-)

  33. robin sandler says:

    oh my good lorDUHHHHHH

  34. EpicDucky1 says:

    not even the power of Will Smith can help you on this map :L

  35. u4talley1 says:


  36. FaZeiNsANiTY says:

    It good to meet girl in park, but better to park meat in girl. – Confucius

  37. josephfrost66 says:

    (Part 2 of what i said)()You can’t miss it because it already raped your brain on a screen.

  38. josephfrost66 says:

    As a man once said in nightmare house.I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS WITH SCIENCE!’And he turned on that spike ball and thus meat pack was born each time it goes on flashing lights and goes backwards and etc thats him.

  39. tordsworld65 says:

    i had a siezure

  40. MyKev12345 says:

    backwards problem?

  41. Mosbacherc says:

    And that… how lady gaga was born

  42. LetsBlowStuffUp1 says:

    It feels like my brain got raped by a raver on speed

  43. evan lansden says:


  44. ImpactOverTheTop says:

    already did it man its awesome!

  45. 75ryanh says:

    Wait is this the one that goes backwards? Ok good it doesn’t. Oh wait! IT FUCKING DOES! LOL

  46. Hellcat0013 says:


  47. kadude13 says:

    who sings the songs for this game

  48. graygirl1414 says:

    Try this
    1)Turn off all lights
    2)Full screen video
    3)Turn on full brightness

  49. hornswoggle236 says:

    ive done that with every one and theres nothing wrong with me

  50. Gizmoogizmo says:

    5:19 he just drowned in the meat sauce?

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