Kitty cats day 1 (2)

Bonding with their new mama! Some background: My mom, dad and I were on a walk with my dog (Ginger, the redish brown dog you may see in the background of some videos) and my mom heard some mewing from the market parking lot. There, we found four abandoned kittens next to an overturned box! They looked to be only 2-3 days old (two still had their dried umbilical cords attached). After much debate, we decided to bring them home with plans to take them to the humane society the next day. We bought baby formula and fed them using an old eye drop container my dad had and kept them in a pet carrier we had. They made it through the night, but when my mom called the humane society, they told us they would euthanize them if we brought them (apparently, humane societies don’t take kittens that weigh less than 2 lbs since they are too much work). We felt conflicted since both my parents work and I live at school during the week, but we couldn’t just let these poor little angels die! So we decided to try to keep them until they were 2 lbs and take things day by day. Needless to say, we have grown so attached to these 4 little boys and they are part of the family now. I’m happy to report that all 4 boys are healthy and growing at an alarming rate! Check back here for more videos documenting their progress =) Names: We call all four “the Rat Pack” Sammy: the black body, white chested one. also the loudest haha Frankie: fattest one, light grey striped, white paws and really skinny neck
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